10 Facts about Andre Derain

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Facts about Andre Derain tell you about the notable French artist, sculptor and painter. He was born on 10th June 1880 in Chatou, Yvelines, Île-de-France and died on 8th September 1954. He and Henri Matisse was the co-founder of Fauvism. There were several claims which state that Derain started his effort to paint after he met Matisse or Vlaminck. The claims were not true for he began painting on his own in 1895. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Derain below:

Facts about Andre Derain 1: the countryside area

Derain would spend his time with Father Jacomin with his two sons in the countryside area.

Facts about Andre Derain 2: meeting Henri Matisse

People realize that Henri Matisse is one of the biggest painters in the world. Derain met Matisse when he went to painting classes of Eugène Carrière. It was in 1898 when he was enrolled at Académie Camillo to become an engineer.

Andre Derain Art

Andre Derain Art

Facts about Andre Derain 3: Maurice de Vlaminck

He befriended with Maurice de Vlaminck and had a shared studio with him in 1900. Both decided to paint the neighborhood scenes together.

Facts about Andre Derain 4: military service

His painting activity was interrupted since Derain had to follow military service. In September 1901 until 1904, Derain served the military at Commercy.

Andre Derain Work

Andre Derain Work

Facts about Andre Derain 5: painting skill

Matisse persuaded Derain’s parents to let him focus on painting and leave his engineering career after he completed the military service. Therefore, Derain was enrolled to Académie Julian.

Facts about Andre Derain 6: working together with Matisse

In the summer 1905, Derain and Matisse worked together to create innovative paintings in Collioure, a Mediterranean village. Then their artworks were displayed at Salon d’Automne.

Andre Derain Colors

Andre Derain Colors

Facts about Andre Derain 7: Fauvist movement

Fauvism was the movement started by Derain and Matisse. The critic Louis Vauxcelles called their works les Fauves due to the vivid and unnatural colors. Check facts about David Shepherd here.

Facts about Andre Derain 8: Ambroise Vollard

Derain had a job to produce a series of painting with London as the subject in March 1906. Ambroise Vollard was the famous art dealer who gave him this task.

Andre Derain Art Piece

Andre Derain Art Piece

Facts about Andre Derain 9: the paintings of London

There were 30 paints of the city of London created by Derain. He presented a different look in the paintings.

Facts about Andre Derain 10: the characters of Derain’s paintings

When he created several pictures of Tower Bridge and The Thames, he applied bold colors and compositions. Find facts about Charles Demuth here.

Andre Derain Works

Andre Derain Works

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