10 Facts about Andrew Carnegie

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Facts about Andrew Carnegie present the ideas about the famous entrepreneur in the world.  He got his wealth after he ended up in steel business.  After his death, he gave his wealth for charities. Let’s find out the life of Andrew Carnegie by reading the following post below.

Facts about Andrew Carnegie 1: the life span

Carnegie was born on 25 November 1835 in Dunfermline, Scotland. He passed away on 11 August 1919 in Lenox, Massachusetts.

Facts about Andrew Carnegie 2: the famous nickname

When people talk about Andrew Carnegie, they always recognized him as the patron saint of libraries.

Andrew Carnegie Facts

Andrew Carnegie Facts

Facts about Andrew Carnegie 3: the family life

He was raised in a poor family. His father earned the money to support his family as a weaver. He created linen for a living. His mother got the money from fixing the shoes.

Facts about Andrew Carnegie 4: moving to America

The poor family of Carnegie decided to move to America after the famine struck his home in 1840s. Do you know that Carnegie and his family lived in a single room? They used the room various purposes such as sleeping, eating and cooking. It was made in a typical weaver cottage.

Andrew Carnegie Pic

Andrew Carnegie Pic

Facts about Andrew Carnegie 5: immigrating to US

The family of Carnegie went to United States in 1848. They lived in Allegheny, Pennsylvania. Due to the poor family, the young Carnegie had to help the family earning the money. He worked as a bobbin boy at the age of 13 years old in a cotton factory. For this first job, he was paid $1.20 for a 70 hour work.

Facts about Andrew Carnegie 6: education

Even though Carnegie did not receive formal education, he was a hardworking, smart and intelligent boy.

Andrew Carnegie Pictures

Andrew Carnegie Pictures

Facts about Andrew Carnegie 7: the free time

He used most of his free time to read book that he borrowed from the private library of a local citizen. There is no need to wonder that when he became rich, he spent a high amount of money to build many libraries. He knew that books were important for education.

Facts about Andrew Carnegie 8: working in a railroads

Carnegie worked in railroads in 1853.  During his job, he learned a lot of investments and businesses.

Andrew Carnegie quote

Andrew Carnegie quote

Facts about Andrew Carnegie 9: success

Rather than spending his money, he decided to invest it in different kinds of business sectors such as oil, bridges, steel and iron. Find out a big company in Aldi facts.

Facts about Andrew Carnegie 10: U.S. Steel

U.S. Steel was established by Carnegie and the banker JP Morgan in 1901. He became one of the wealthiest men in the world. Check out another businessman in Alan Sugar facts.

facts about Andrew Carnegie

facts about Andrew Carnegie

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