10 Facts about Andrew Clements

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Let me show you the interesting Facts about Andrew Clements if you want to know the famous author of Extra Credit, Lunch Money, The Report Card and Frindle. Clements was born on 7 May 1949 in Camden, New Jersey. He specialized his writing to produce the books for kids. Find out more interesting Andrew Clements facts by reading the following post below:

Facts about Andrew Clements 1: the early life

He spent his childhood in New Jersey.  But he relocated to Springfield, Illinois when he was in the 6th grade. Since his childhood time, his hobby is reading.

Facts about Andrew Clements 2: the education

Clements studied literature at Northwestern. After graduating from the university, he got his teaching degree. He began his career as a teacher in Illinois.  It was very surprising that he shifted his work from a teacher to become a singer songwriter by moving to New York.

Andrew Clements Book

Andrew Clements Book

Facts about Andrew Clements 3: the next job

The next job that Clements had was in a book company which imported a lot of children books from Europe. By working at this company, he developed his interest to write books for kids. He also learned much about the book industry.

Facts about Andrew Clements 4: Frindle

Can you guess the first novel of Andrew Clements? The title is Frindle.  In 1996, the book was published. Actually he began to write Findle in 1990.

Andrew Clements Books

Andrew Clements Books

Facts about Andrew Clements 5: the story of Frindle

If you have read Frindle, I believe that you must know the highlight of this book. This story talks about a boy who wants to make up a word of his own. Frindle was selected by Clements as a new word for pen.

Facts about Andrew Clements 6: the intention of the writer

What is the intention of Clements when he created Frindle? By reading his book, Frindle, he wanted the kids to learn new words. At first, he made Frindle into a picture book. Then it was released as a chapter book after the feedback from the publishers.

Andrew Clements facts

Andrew Clements facts

Facts about Andrew Clements 7: discussion

Due to the interesting subject in Frindle, there is no need to wonder that it is used in a classroom discussion. The book is very popular among kids. Get facts about Ally Carter here.

Facts about Andrew Clements 8: teaching degree

Do you know that Clements had a master art in teaching? During the summer workshop, he often had a creative writing class for the high school students.

Andrew Clements Pic

Andrew Clements Pic

Facts about Andrew Clements 9: kids

Talking about his personal life, Clements has four children.

Facts about Andrew Clements 10: books

Other books of Clements are The Last Holiday Concert (2004), Lost and Found (2008), Room One – A Mystery or Two (2006) and many more. Find out another writer in Amy Tan facts.

facts about Andrew Clements

facts about Andrew Clements

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