10 Facts about Andrew Cope

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Facts about Andrew Cope give the interesting facts about the famous children author in the world. He was born in Derby in 1966.  Besides being a writer, Cope also works as a trainer in positive psychology and a teacher. He took the credit as the writer of Spy Pups series and Spy Dog series. Get more facts about Andrew Cope in the following post below:

Facts about Andrew Cope 1: The Art of Being Brilliant

The Art of Being Brilliant is always associated with Andrew Cope. He was the founder of this The Art of Being Brilliant Course. The course is delivered in many schools in Middle East, South Africa and United Kingdom.

Facts about Andrew Cope 2: the favorite books

Besides writing the Spy Dog and Spy Pups series, he also has other three important books. He collaborates with Andy Whittaker to write The Art of Being Brilliant. Other two books are A Brilliant Life and Being Brilliant. Get another writer in Andrew Clements facts.

Andrew Cope Book

Andrew Cope Book

Facts about Andrew Cope 3: awards

There are many kinds of awards that Cope has received due to his amazing Spy Dogs and Spy Pups series. In 2008, he was awarded with Nottingham Book Award for Spy Dog Unleashed.

Facts about Andrew Cope 4: other awards

In 2006, his book, Spy Dog was the winner for the Redhouse Children’s Book of the Year. In 2007, Spy Dog 2 was the winner of Doncaster Book Award.

Andrew Cope Books

Andrew Cope Books

Facts about Andrew Cope 5: football club

Can you guess the favorite football club of Andrew Cope? He calls himself as a huge fan of Derby County football club.

Facts about Andrew Cope 6: personal life

Today Andrew Cope lives with his wife. Both have two kids.

Andrew Cope Facts

Andrew Cope Facts

Facts about Andrew Cope 7: Spy Dog

Spy Dog is the famous book of Cope.  The story is very interesting. It talks about a dog named Lara. This canine spy has a codename GM451. The name Lara stands for Licensed Assault and Rescue Animal.

Facts about Andrew Cope 8: Lara in real life

If you check out the real life of Andrew Cope, you must be impressed since he has a dog. Her name is also Lara. This one stick up ear dog was from RSPCA. But Cope states that he does not know whether Lara, his dog is a secret agent or not.

Andrew Cope Image

Andrew Cope Image

Facts about Andrew Cope 9: the abilities and skill of Lara

If you check out the story in Spy Dog series, Lara has many abilities. She is capable to play different kinds of sport. She has the ability to stand up just like human being. Moreover, she is super smart and intelligent. She masters karate. Get facts about Allen Say here.

Facts about Andrew Cope 10: Secret Service

Based on the book, you know that Lara works for Secret Service. Professor Cortex is the original owner of Lara.

Facts about Andrew Cope

Facts about Andrew Cope

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