10 Facts about Andrew Cuomo

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Facts about Andrew Cuomo tell you about the famous American politician. He was born on 6 December 1957 in Queens, New York. Do you know that he is the current governor of New York? Cuomo is a member of Democratic Party. If you are interested to know more about Andrew Cuomo, let’s see the following post below:

Facts about Andrew Cuomo 1: career

His father was the famous politician, Mario Cuomo. The young Andrew began his career in politics as the campaign manager for his father. Before he entered the private practice, Andrew worked as an assistant district attorney in New York City.

Facts about Andrew Cuomo 2: Housing Enterprise for the Less Privileged

Housing Enterprise for the Less Privileged was established by Cuomo. In 1990 till 1993, Cuomo was elected as the chairman of New York City Homeless Commission.

Andrew Cuomo Facts

Andrew Cuomo Facts

Facts about Andrew Cuomo 3: HUD

Cuomo also had his career in HUD. HUD stands for US Department of Housing and Urban Development. He became the assistant secretary for Community Planning and Development in that department after he joined Clinton Administration in 1993.

Facts about Andrew Cuomo 4: a governor

Cuomo was very interested to become a governor. Therefore, he took part in the election for a governor in 2002. But his campaign failed.  In 2006, he took the position of Attorney General of New York. He was in this position until 2011.

Andrew Cuomo Image

Andrew Cuomo Image

Facts about Andrew Cuomo 5: the election as a governor

In May 2010, Andrew Cuomo was announced as the candidate from the Democratic Party. David Paterson had to drop his reelection campaign after he was involved in scandals.

Facts about Andrew Cuomo 6: the general election

Cuomo won 62 percent of the vote in general election. His competitor was Carl Paladino from the Republican Party.

Andrew Cuomo Pic

Andrew Cuomo Pic

Facts about Andrew Cuomo 7: the first term

Cuomo made brave decision during his first term as the governor of New York. He toughened gun controls and legalized the same sex marriage.

Facts about Andrew Cuomo 8: the second term

It seems that Cuomo is very popular and credible. In 2014, he won another election and got the second term as the governor. Find out another politician in Alfred Deakin facts.

Andrew Cuomo Politician

Andrew Cuomo Politician

Facts about Andrew Cuomo 9: parents

Let’s talk a bit about his parents. His father is Mario Cuomo who worked as a lawyer. He also became a governor of New York. His mother is Matilda.

Facts about Andrew Cuomo 10: the ethnicity

Cuomo has the Italian descent from both of his parents. His maternal grandparents were from Sicily, while his paternal grandparents were from South Italy.

facts about Andrew Cuomo

facts about Andrew Cuomo

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