10 Facts about Andrew Goldsworthy

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Here are the interesting Facts about Andrew Goldsworthy. This man is famous as the artist who focuses on the land and environment art. He also produces the natural sculptures. This British artist was born on 26th July 1956 in Cheshire, England. Goldsworthy works and lives in Scotland.

Facts about Andrew Goldsworthy 1: education

He had his training at Preston Polytechnic.  He also went to Bradford College of Art to study fine art.

Facts about Andrew Goldsworthy 2: the artworks

Let’s find out the artworks of Goldsworthy. He creates the artworks from various natural materials and resources such as pine cones, grass, bark, thorns, snow, boulders, pebbles, ice, flowers, twigs, mud, ice and many more.

Andrew Goldsworthy Art

Andrew Goldsworthy Art

Facts about Andrew Goldsworthy 3: awards

There are many kinds of awards that Goldsworthy received such as the Scottish Arts Council Award, OBE, and Yorkshire Arts Award.

Facts about Andrew Goldsworthy 4: parents

His father was F. Allin Goldsworthy who lived in 1929 until 2001. He worked at University of Leeds as an applied mathematics professor.

Andrew Goldsworthy Arts

Andrew Goldsworthy Arts

Facts about Andrew Goldsworthy 5: the early life

He was raised by his parents in Harrogate side of Leeds, West Yorkshire.  He worked as a laborer on a farm at the age of 13.

Facts about Andrew Goldsworthy 6: leaving the college

After he graduated and finished his education, he lived in Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumbria. Then he relocated to Langholm in Dumfries and Galloway in 1985. Then he lives in Penpont.

Andrew Goldsworthy Facts

Andrew Goldsworthy Facts

Facts about Andrew Goldsworthy 7: an honorary degree

I believe that Goldsworthy was very proud when University of Bradford awarded him with an honorary degree in 1993.

Facts about Andrew Goldsworthy 8: the job today

If you ask me his work today, he serves at Cornell University as an A.D. White Professor-At-Large.

Andrew Goldsworthy Pic

Andrew Goldsworthy Pic

Facts about Andrew Goldsworthy 9: in popular culture

You can see the depiction of Goldsworthy in Rivers and Tides. It was a documentary movie made in 2001. The main subject discussed in the movie directed by Thomas Riedelsheimer was Andrew Goldsworthy. Check out another artist in Alphonse Mucha facts.

Facts about Andrew Goldsworthy 10: personal life

He married Judith Gregson in 1982. They have four children. But the couple decides to separate. Today, he lives with Tina Fiske, his partner.

facts about Andrew Goldsworthy

facts about Andrew Goldsworthy

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