10 Facts about Andy Mcnab

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Facts about Andy Mcnab tell you about the English novelist. It is very surprising to know that he is a former SAS sergeant. Andy McNab was only a pseudonym. He was famous in 1993 after he published Special Air Service (SAS) patrol Bravo Two Zero. Due to this impressive account, he got Distinguished Conduct Medal in 1991.

Facts about Andy Mcnab 1: Military Medal

In 1990, Mcnab got a Military Medal. He could earn this after his contribution in 1979 when he served with Royal Green Jackets in Northern Ireland.

Facts about Andy Mcnab 2: the types of book

Besides making his account of Bravo Two Zero, Mcnab also created several fiction books and two autobiographies. Find out All Quiet on the Western Front facts to know another book about military experience.

Andy Mcnab Author

Andy Mcnab Author

Facts about Andy Mcnab 3: date of birth

Mcnab’s early life was not easy. He was found by his adoptive family in abandoned steps of Guy’s Hospital in Southwark. He was placed in a Harrods shopping bag.  He was born on 28 December 1959. His adoptive family raised him in Peckham.

Facts about Andy Mcnab 4: education

It seems that the Mcnab did not like to go to school. He dropped out and decided to do various kinds of odd jobs. In 1976, he was arrested for burglary.

Andy Mcnab Book

Andy Mcnab Book

Facts about Andy Mcnab 5: join the army

Mcnab had an intention to join the army after he saw his brother spending time in army. He wanted to become an army pilot, but he failed the test. When he was 16 years old, he could be enlisted in Royal Green Jackets.

Facts about Andy Mcnab 6: the training

Mcnab got his basic training in Kent. Then he moved to Rifle Depot in Winchester after he finished the basic training.

Andy Mcnab Photo

Andy Mcnab Photo

Facts about Andy Mcnab 7: Gibraltar

He took part in the first operational posting in Gibraltar in 1977. Then he went to South Armagh, Northern Ireland in December 1977 till June 1978.  He took part for the Operation Banner of British Army.

Facts about Andy Mcnab 8: promotion

He got the promotion as a Lance Corporal after he returned from Armagh in 1978 and 1979. The first experience of killing people was when he had a firefight with Provisional Irish Republican Army.

Andy Mcnab

Andy Mcnab

Facts about Andy Mcnab 9: SAS

He moved to SAS in 1984 after he passed the test. At first, he failed the test. He served the SAS along with Charles Nish Bruce, Frank Collins and Al Slater. Find out another writer in Andrew Cope facts.

Facts about Andy McNab 10: the non fictions

Mcnab created his fiction and non fictions books. You can read Immediate Action, Spoken from The front and seven Troops for his nonfiction books.

Facts about Andy Mcnab

Facts about Andy Mcnab

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