10 Facts about Andy Mulligan

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Facts about Andy Mulligan talk about the famous English writer. He focused his works for the young adults. When you check his works, you will know that most of them are inspired from Mulligan’s experiences when he worked as an English and drama teacher in UK, Vietnam, Brazil and Philippines and as a volunteer in Calcutta, India.

Facts about Andy Mulligan 1: the first novel

Ribblestrop is the first novel that Mulligan created. In 2009, Simon & Schuster published the novel.

Facts about Andy Mulligan 2: Trash

Trash is the second novel of Andy Mulligan. The story is very touching for it talks about a street child who had to live as a waste picker to survive.

Andy Mulligan Facts

Andy Mulligan Facts

Facts about Andy Mulligan 3: Blue Peter Book Awards

Due to the wonderful story, Trash was shortlisted in one of Blue Peter Book Awards by the judges. Moreover, it was made in a show by BBC. The target audiences were for the children at the age of 6 till 12 years old. However, the show was criticized due to the violence and swearing scenes.

Facts about Andy Mulligan 4: Return to Ribbentrop

In 2011, Return to Ribblestrop was published. It was one of the first sequels. People love the book including a penal of British Children’s writers who awarded this writer with 2011 Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize. The judges state that the book is filled with good humor, fresh and warm.

Andy Mulligan Pic

Andy Mulligan Pic

Facts about Andy Mulligan 5: the works of Mulligan

The books of Mulligan that you can read include Trash, Ribblestrop, Ribblestrop Forever!, The Boy with Two Heads and Return to Ribblestrop. Get facts about Andy Mcnab here.

Facts about Andy Mulligan 6: the runner up

Ribblestrop took the runner up position in Roald Dahl Funny Prize 2009.

Andy Mulligan Trash

Andy Mulligan Trash

Facts about Andy Mulligan 7: bad eyesight

In an interview, Mulligan stated that he had very bad eyesight. When he was swimming in Sri Lanka, he decided to take off his glasses. The colors were so blurred.

Facts about Andy Mulligan 8: a simple cookery book

It seems that Mulligan has a problem of cooking fish. He wished that he could find a simple cookery book which could help him cooking the fish easily.

Andy Mulligan

Andy Mulligan

Facts about Andy Mulligan 9: Tove Jansson

Tove Jansson is one of his favorite authors. This woman was famous with his work Tales from Moominvalley. Find out another writer in Andrew Griffiths facts.

Facts about Andy Mulligan 10: the hero

Dennis Potter is considered as the hero of Mulligan. He is a TV playwright who created “Pennies from Heaven” and “The Singing Detective”.

facts about Andy Mulligan

facts about Andy Mulligan

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