10 Facts about Andy Warhol

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Facts about Andy Warhol tell us about the famous artist in the world. He was famous with his pop art style. Warhol actually was not his last name. He was born as Andrew Warhola in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Even though he was not with us anymore, his legacy was still maintained until this present day.

Facts about Andy Warhol 1: the father

The father of Andy Warhol is Andrei Warhola. He had a job in the construction. His mother earned the money by selling handmade crafts and cleaning the house. There were three sons in the family. Those were Paul, John and Andrew.

Facts about Andy Warhol 2: Sydenham’s chorea

When Andrew was a young boy, he had Sydenham’s chorea. He had to stay at home for two months. This condition was caused by the rheumatic fever which led into the uncontrollable and rapid movements.

Andy Warhol Art

Andy Warhol Art

Facts about Andy Warhol 3: the mother’s influence

Warhol’s mother influenced his interest in art a lot. She wanted his son to explore the popular culture and art when Warhol was sick. Then Warhol decided to collect the pictures of movie stars at that time.

Facts about Andy Warhol 4: the basement

His parents’ house had a basement that he changed into a darkroom. He developed his own pictures here.

Andy Warhol Facts

Andy Warhol Facts

Facts about Andy Warhol 5: Carnegie Institute

Warhol went to Carnegie Institute when he was a student at an elementary school. He took the free Saturday art classes there.

Facts about Andy Warhol 6: the college education

Andrei Warhola passed away in 1942. Before his death, he wished that his life saving would be used to cover the cost of Andrew’s college education.

Andy Warhol Image

Andy Warhol Image

Facts about Andy Warhol 7: life as a teenager

He worked in a display department at Joseph Home department store in downtown Pittsburgh for his summer job. At that time, he was still a teenager. Get another artist in Andrew Wyeth facts here.

Facts about Andy Warhol 8: an art editor

When he was a college student, he became an art editor for the student magazine. It was called Cano.

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol

Facts about Andy Warhol 9: the art focus

The focus of his art is on the celebrity, artistic expression and advertising.  He had a pop art style. He used different kinds of media such as music, film, painting, pictures, photos, printmaking and sculpture. Get facts about Andy Warhol’s Art here.

Facts about Andy Warhol 10: hypochondriac

Do you know that Warhol was afraid of doctors and hospitals? Therefore, he was a hypochondriac.

Facts about Andy Warhol

Facts about Andy Warhol

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