10 Facts about Angel Dust

Friday, February 6th 2015. | Medical

Facts about Angel Dust tell you about the drug developed in 1950s. It was used as an intravenous anesthetic. In 1960s, the usage and development of this drug was stopped due to the mania, delirium and hallucination effects. In the medical world, angel dust is called PCP or Phencyclidine. Check out more facts about angel dust below:

Facts about Angel Dust 1: the street name

PCP or angel dust has other common street names. You can call it Dust, Wack, Lovely, Hog, PeaCe, Killer Joints, Supergrass, Rocket Fuel, Embalming Fluid, and Ozone.

Facts about Angel Dust 2: the pure form

When you see Angel Dust in pure form, it comes in a white crystalline powder. The chemical taste is very bitter when you mix it with alcohol or water.

Angel Dust Abuse

Angel Dust Abuse

Facts about Angel Dust 3: the color

Angel dust is sold in the illegal market.  It is made in various colors from orange, yellow, or even dark brown. It can come from the gummy to the powdery texture.

Facts about Angel Dust 4: the shape

The shape of the products is various too. You can find Angel dust sold in colored powders, capsules or tablets.  It can be taken by snorting or orally.

Angel Dust Colors

Angel Dust Colors

Facts about Angel Dust 5: the liquid

You have to be careful when handling the liquid of angel dust. It is highly flammable solvent when you dissolve it.

Facts about Angel Dust 6: smoking

Angel Dust is also abused for smoking. The people often mix it with leafy materials such as marijuana, oregano, parsley and mint. Check out facts about anabolic steroids here.

Angel Dust Facts

Angel Dust Facts

Facts about Angel Dust 7: the effects

The effects that the Angel Dust abusers feel are similar with the effect of nicotinic, upload and dopamine receptors.

Facts about Angel Dust 8: the moderate amount

The people who use the moderate amount of angel dust can experience slurred speech, numbness, and loss of coordination. They feel estranged and detached from the surroundings.

Angel Dust Pic

Angel Dust Pic

Facts about Angel Dust 9: the dangerous drug

You have to stay away from Angel Dust since it is one of the dangerous drugs of abuse. Other long term effects include acute anxiety, pulse rate, rise in blood pressure, dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, and vomiting. Get facts about AMH here.

Facts about Angel Dust 10: the high dose of Angel Dust

The high dose of Angel Dust can lead into fatal destruction. It can cause seizure, coma and death.

Facts about Angel Dust

Facts about Angel Dust

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