10 Facts about Angel Falls

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Look at Facts about Angel Falls if you want to know the highest uninterrupted waterfall in the world. The height of this waterfall is 807 meters. The Kerep is the river which gets the water from the highest waterfall. The width of Angel Falls is around 150 meters at the base. If you are interested to know more about this waterfall, check out the following information below:

Facts about Angel Falls 1: the location

Let’s find out the location of Angel Falls. You can visit this waterfall by going to Canaima National Park.   This park is very large. In Venezuela, it is the largest national park. In the world, it is ranked in the third position.

Facts about Angel Falls 2: the tourist attraction

Due to the magnificent view in the waterfall, it becomes one of the key attractions in Venezuela. Many people come here to enjoy the beauty of the sparkling waterfall.

Angel Falls Beauty

Angel Falls Beauty

Facts about Angel Falls 3: Sir Walter Raleigh

Sir Walter Raleigh is believed to be the first European person who saw the waterfall. But many historians objected this point of view by saying that it was unlikely.

Facts about Angel Falls 4: Up

Have you watched the movie Up? You must remember the Paradise Falls in the movie. Do you know that it was inspired by Angel Falls? Check out another waterfall in Amicalola Falls facts.

Angel Falls Facts

Angel Falls Facts

Facts about Angel Falls 5: Jimmy Angel

Jimmy Angel was an aviator who accidentally discovered Angel Falls. It was a time when he crashed his plane at the top of the waterfall. The name of the waterfall was taken from his last name.  To stay survive, Jimmy Angel and his wife had to walk out of the jungle for 12 days.

Facts about Angel Falls 6: a mist

You can see a lot of mist forming during the drier and warmer seasons in Angel Falls.  The mist was formed due to the evaporation of the water.

Angel Falls Image

Angel Falls Image

Facts about Angel Falls 7: the splits

There is a wonderful phenomenon in Angel falls. The waterfall will split into two during the rainy season.

Facts about Angel Falls 8: the local name

People always recognize the waterfall as Angel Falls. But the local people often call it Tulume Bena or Kerepakupai meru. It is also called Salto Angel.

Angel Falls

Angel Falls

Facts about Angel Falls 9: the discovery

The discovery of Angel Falls was in 20th century.  Jimmy Angel spotted the waterfall in 1935. In 1937, he and his wife landed on the top of it.

Facts about Angel Falls 10: Jimmy Angel’s plane

If you want to know the plane of Jimmy Angel which crashed at the top of the waterfall, you can go to Aviation Museum in Maracay. Find out another interesting destination in Alton Tower facts.

Facts about Angel Falls

Facts about Angel Falls

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