10 Facts about Angel Gabriel

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Facts about Angel Gabriel talk about one of the important angels. He is one of the angels mentioned in the Bible. Another angel is Michael. If you check out the Catholic Bible, Raphael is mention in Apocrypha.  The name Gabriel means God is mighty or God is my strength. Get more facts about Angel Gabriel below:

Facts about Angel Gabriel 1: the messenger

Let me show you the role of Gabriel. In the bible, he is considered as the messenger for the important events. One of the examples is when Gabriel told Virgin Mary to prepare the birth of Jesus.

Facts about Angel Gabriel 2: the belief of the Christians

Many Christians believed that Gabriel warned Mary and Joseph that Jesus was searched by Herod’s soldiers. Therefore, he sealed the Jesus’ tomb.  People also believed that the shepherds knew the news about Christ’s birth from Gabriel even though he was identified by name.

Angel Gabriel Facts

Angel Gabriel Facts

Facts about Angel Gabriel 3: maternity

People always link Gabriel with maternity. The Jewish tradition believed that the baby was instructed by Gabriel when it was inside their mother’s womb.

Facts about Angel Gabriel 4: an ancient legend

Gabriel also appeared in the story of an ancient legend. The birth of a son, John the Baptist was informed by Gabriel to Zacharian and his wife Elizabeth so that both prepared for the birth.

Angel Gabriel Image

Angel Gabriel Image

Facts about Angel Gabriel 5: an archangel

Angel Gabriel is also included as an archangel. He is the archangel of Dreams, Premonitions and Clairvoyance. When Daniel had a strange dream, Gabriel helped to understand the symbolism in his dream. Get facts about Andrew the Apostle here.

Facts about Angel Gabriel 6: “the Commandments of Jesus Christ”

“The Commandments of Jesus Christ” is a strange letter which appeared in 98 CE. People believed that it was written by Gabriel. There is no original letter for this commandment. But the people can get the copies of this letter in England. People keep it as a lucky charm to make them enjoy safe childbirth.

Angel Gabriel Movie

Angel Gabriel Movie

Facts about Angel Gabriel 7: the Harmonists

The harmonists had their own point of view of Angel Gabriel. They believed that Father George Rapp, the leader of the Harmonist had been visited by Gabriel in New Harmony, Indiana.

Facts about Angel Gabriel 8: the dead on Judgment Day

Gabriel is believed to blow the horn in order to raise the dead on the Judgment Day based on the Christian tradition.

Angel Gabriel Pic

Angel Gabriel Pic

Facts about Angel Gabriel 9: the Koran

Based on the Islamic tradition, the Koran was addicted by Gabriel to Muhammad. The Muslims also believed that the Black Stone of the Kaba was presented by Gabriel to Abraham. Get Abraham facts here.

Facts about Angel Gabriel 10: coffee invention

Gabriel is believed as the anger who invented coffee. Gabriel gave Muhammad a cup of coffee when he was tired.

Facts about Angel Gabriel

Facts about Angel Gabriel

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