10 Facts about Angel Michael

Saturday, February 7th 2015. | Religion

Facts about Angel Michael give you the interesting information about an archangel in Islamic, Christian and Jewish teachings. He is referred as Saint Michael or Saint Michael the Archangel in the Eastern Orthodox, Lutherans, Anglicans and Roman Catholics. Find out other facts about Angel Michael below:

Facts about Angel Michael 1: Book of Daniel

If you check out Book of Daniel, you can find out that Michael in mentioned 3 times.

Facts about Angel Michael 2: defeating Satan

The Book of Revelation depicted Michael as the leader of the God’s armies who fought against Satan. He defeated Satan during the war in heaven.

Angel Michael Facts

Angel Michael Facts

Facts about Angel Michael 3: Michael and Christian values

The Christians viewed Michael as the healing angel in the fourth century. Then Michael had more roles. He was seen as the leader of the God’s army and the protector.

Facts about Angel Michael 4: the devotions to Michael

The devotion to Michael could be seen in Western and Eastern Churches in 6th century. But you can see the different teaching about Michael in Christian denominations over the time.

Angel Michael Image

Angel Michael Image

Facts about Angel Michael 5: the protector of Israel

Michael was identified as the protector of Israel in the vision in Daniel 10:13-21. He was called the prince of the first rank by Daniel.

Facts about Angel Michael 6: Quran

In the Quran, Michael is one of the two archangels mentioned there. The other anger is Gabriel or Jibreel. It is mentioned once in Sura 2:98. Get facts about Angel Gabriel here.

Angel Michael Pic

Angel Michael Pic

Facts about Angel Michael 7: Sura 11:69

You have to check out Sura 11:69 in the Quran. After reading the Sura, some Muslims believe that Michael was one of the 3 angels visiting Abraham.

Facts about Angel Michael 8: the Midrash view

Let’s find out the view of Midrash about angel Michael. Michael is viewed as the savior. When Jacob was going to be killed by Samael, he saved him. Jacob at that time was still inside the womb of his mother. When Isaac was going to be scarified by his father, Michael saved him.

Angel Michael

Angel Michael

Facts about Angel Michael 9: the statues of Michael

If you want to know the statues of Michael, you can go to University of Bonn.  The statues depicted Michael slaying Satan as dragon. His shield is inscribed with the words, Quis ut Deus.

Facts about Angel Michael 10: the healer

In Christianity, Angel Michael was linked as a healer. The ancient Near East was the famous sanctuary of Saint Michael. It was often linked with healing water.

Facts about Angel Michael

Facts about Angel Michael

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