10 Facts about Angela Merkel

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If you want to know the life of the first female chancellor of Germany, you have to check out Facts about Angela Merkel. Merkel was born as Angela Dorothea Kasner on 17 July 1954 in Hamburg, Germany. Her mother was an English teacher, Herlind Kasner. His father was a Lutheran minister, Horst Kasner. Find out more interesting facts about Angela Merkel below:

Facts about Angela Merkel 1: personal life

She married twice.  Her first husband was Ulrich Merkel. Both married in 1977 till 1982 and ended up in divorce. In 1998 until this present day, Angela is the wife of Joachim Sauer.

Facts about Angela Merkel 2: religion and education

Angela is Lutheran.  Talking about her education, in 1978, she graduated from the University of Leipzig. In 1986, she got PhD from German Academy of Sciences. She was a physicist.

Angela Merkel Facts

Angela Merkel Facts

Facts about Angela Merkel 3: the girl

She was nicknamed as the girl by the former chancellor Helmut Kohl.

Facts about Angela Merkel 4: the life in 1978 till 1990

During this time, Angela Merkel served as the research associate at Zentralinstitut fur physikalische Chemie in Berlin. Then she became the Press officer for DA or Democratic Awakening or Demokratischer Aufbruch in 1990. Then she was selected to German Bundestag in December 1990.

Angela Merkel Pic

Angela Merkel Pic

Facts about Angela Merkel 5: Chancellor Helmut Kohl

Angela Merkel’s career increased after Chancellor Helmut Kohl named her as the Minister of Women and Young People in 1991. She was also selected as the Deputy Chairperson for CDU/ Christian Democratic Union.

Facts about Angela Merkel 6: the career in 1994, 1998, and 2000

Angela Merkel’s career was very impressive since she took the important position.  She took the record as the first female chairperson of CDU on 10 April 2005. Actually she was only a General Secretary of CDU in 1998.  In 1994, she became the Minister of Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety.

Angela Merkel Pic

Angela Merkel Pic

Facts about Angela Merkel 7: the first female Chancellor in Germany

Angela Merkel is famous as the first female Chancellor in Germany. She was sworn for this position on 22 November 2005.

Facts about Angela Merkel 8: meeting important people

After becoming the chancellor, she could meet the important and influential people in the world. She met George Bush at White House on 13 January 2006. On 16 January 2006, she met Vladimir Putin at Kremlin. Find out another figure in Andrew Marvell facts.

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel

Facts about Angela Merkel 9: Charlemagne Prize

Merkel got Charlemagne Prize on 30 April 2008 for the “Citizens’ Prize for Services to European Unity.

Facts about Angela Merkel 10: another winning

She was re-elected again as the chancellor of Germany on 27 September 2009 and 22 September 2013. Get facts about Andrew Johnson here.

Facts about Angela Merkel

Facts about Angela Merkel

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