10 Facts about Angie Lewin

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Check out the interesting Facts about Angie Lewin if you want to know the British printmaker. She was famous with the works of screen printing, lithography, wood engraving and linocut. She was born on 18 October 1963 in Bollington, Cheshire. She was raised there.

Facts about Angie Lewin 1: the education

Let’s check out the education of Angie Lewin.  For the high school, she went to Macclesfield High School for Girls. In 1983 till 1986, she went to Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design to study Fine Art Printmaking. Finally she got BA after she graduated from the college.

Facts about Angie Lewin 2: the next education

Lewin decided to go to Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts to study printmaking for a year. Get facts about Andy Warhol here.

Angie Lewin Art

Angie Lewin Art

Facts about Angie Lewin 3: the job

She was interested to study horticulture after she worked as an illustrator in London.  She returned the interest in printmaking after she moved to Norfolk. Today, she lives in Aylsham.

Facts about Angie Lewin 4: inspiration

She got the inspirations to create the wood engraving, silkscreen, collage, lithography and linocut from the salt marshes and cliff tops on the Scottish Highlands and North Norfolk coast. Her works feature the contrasting environment of both areas. You can find them featuring the native flora.

Angie Lewin Pic

Angie Lewin Pic

Facts about Angie Lewin 5: the drawings

You can also see her making the watercolor and pencil drawings. She made them when she went back or her walks in the studio. Get facts about Andrew Wyeth.

Facts about Angie Lewin 6: Plants and Places

You can see the publication of Merrel on Plants and Places of Angie Lewin. You can see the textiles, drawings and prints of Lewin.

Angie Lewin

Angie Lewin

Facts about Angie Lewin 7: the fabrics

The fabrics of Angie Lewin are often decorated with grasses and wild flowers. You can find them look like collages made of Print cut outs or old paper.

Facts about Angie Lewin 8: St Jude’s

Check out the works of Angie Lewin for St Jude’s stationery and fabrics. Do you know she runs this business with her husband, Simon?

Angie Lewin Image

Angie Lewin Image

Facts about Angie Lewin 9: the commissions

There are various kinds of commissions that she had completed such as the commissions for Penguin, Conran Octopus and Picador.

Facts about Angie Lewin 10: the collections

If you are interested to know the current works of Angie Lewin, you need to check out the Liberty’s Autumn Winter 2010 collection.

Facts about Angie Lewin

Facts about Angie Lewin

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