10 Facts about Angina Pectoris

Tuesday, February 10th 2015. | Health

Facts about Angina Pectoris tell you about the sensation of pressure, chest pain and squeezing. People commonly call it as angina. The main cause of this health condition is because of the spasm or obstruction in coronary arteries. It leads into ischemia of the heart muscle.  Find out other facts about Angina below:

Facts about Angina Pectoris 1: the main cause

The main of angina pectoris is CAD or coronary artery disease. It is an atherosclerotic process which causes the arteries feeling the heart. But this condition can be derived from the heart failure, cardiac arrhythmias and anemia.

Facts about Angina Pectoris 2: the term

The tern Angina pectoris was derived from the Latin word angina. It means infection of the throat. The word pectoris was taken from the Latin word of pectus. The meaning is chest.  People often translate angina pectoris as a strangling feeling in the chest.

Angina Pectoris Condition

Angina Pectoris Condition

Facts about Angina Pectoris 3: severe angina

The people can experience angina in severe condition. It often leads to death if the angina is quite severe. But the symptoms can be reduced with the regular medical therapies.

Facts about Angina Pectoris 4: the risk

The five year mortality rate of the people whose age are 62 years old is around 8 percent. They can suffer from the moderate to severe level of angina.

Angina Pectoris Facts

Angina Pectoris Facts

Facts about Angina Pectoris 5: unstable angina

The unstable angina is often called crescendo angina. The unstable angina is very harmful for it can worsen or change. It can be included as a form of acute coronary syndrome.

Facts about Angina Pectoris 6: pain

The people with angina pectoris often complain about the pain. Rather than feeling the actual pain, the patients focus more on the chest discomfort. The painful sensation that the patients experience include the burning, squeezing, choking, heaviness, tightness and pressure sensations.

Angina Pectoris Image

Angina Pectoris Image

Facts about Angina Pectoris 7: the chest

The pain is mainly occurred in the chest. But actually you can also feel the pain in the shoulders, jaw, neck area, and back. Find out another health condition on facts about AED.

Facts about Angina Pectoris 8: the blood pressure

When the angina occurs, the people have the increased blood pressure and pulse rate.  In some cases, the pain often comes with nausea, sweating and breathlessness.

Angina Pectoris Patient

Angina Pectoris Patient

Facts about Angina Pectoris 9: the chest paint

You do not have to diagnose the condition as angina if the chest pain only occurs only a few seconds.

Facts about Angina Pectoris 10: the factors which increase the risk

If you want to decrease the risk of having angina, you need to stop smoking, perform healthy lifestyle and avoid the sedentary lifestyle. The people who are diagnosed with high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure are very risky to angina. Get facts about American health care here.

Facts about Angina Pectoris

Facts about Angina Pectoris

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