10 Facts about Anglerfish

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Facts about Anglerfish tell you about the bony fish included in suborder Ceratioidei. This fish is well known because of intense sexual dimorphism. The male anglerfish is notable due to the sexual parasitism. You can find this animal living around the world. You can find them living deep down the sea. Here are other facts about anglerfish below:

Facts about Anglerfish 1: the colors

Let’s find out the colors of Anglerfish. You can find them in dark brown or dark gray.  These animals can grab the prey easily due to the fang like teeth angled inward.  The head is huge with crescent shaped mouth.

Facts about Anglerfish 2: the weight and length

In average, the weight of anglerfish is around 45 kilogram or 100 lb. The length is around 3.5 inches/ 8.9 cm to 3 feet or 1 meter.

Anglerfish Facts

Anglerfish Facts

Facts about Anglerfish 3: the esca

You can check out the esca at the tip.  It is a luminescent organ that you can find in adult female anglerfish.

Facts about Anglerfish 4: the male and female relationship

The luminescent organ or esca is very important for the female to get the male attention during the mating process. It is also used to lure the prey in the dark.

Anglerfish Image

Anglerfish Image

Facts about Anglerfish 5: the bones

The bones of anglerfish are flexible and thin. Therefore, it can distend the stomach and jaw.  This animal is able to swallow the big prey since it can enlarge the body.

Facts about Anglerfish 6: deep-sea dwellers

It is not easy for the scientists to observe the anglerfish because of most them live deep down the sea. But the ecologists are challenged to study the fish. They often live in an environment which have scarce of prey.

Anglerfish Pic

Anglerfish Pic

Facts about Anglerfish 7: converse the energy

Since the environment is lack of food or prey, this animal can converse their energy. When they swim, they only use 2 percent of the entire energy.

Facts about Anglerfish 8: the name

The main characteristic of anglerfish is the method of predation. Therefore, the fish is named anglerfish.



Facts about Anglerfish 9: illicium

Illicium is found in the middle of the heads. It is one long filament. It has at least one illicium. Get facts about Angelfish here.

Facts about Anglerfish 10: the diet

There are two categories of preys that the anglerfish in Pacific coast of Cratal American eat. They are teleost fish and crustaceans.

Facts about Anglerfish

Facts about Anglerfish

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