10 Facts about Anglesey

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Those who want to know the island located off the northwest coast of Wales need to check out Facts about Anglesey. Anglesey is also called Ynys Mon. You can reach the mainland by accessing the two bridges on Menai Strait. Both bridges are the Britannia Bridge and Menai Suspension Bridge. Thomas Telford designed the Menai Suspension Bridge in 1826. Here are other facts about Anglesey for you:

Facts about Anglesey 1: The Isle of Anglesey County

The Isle of Anglesey County is made of the Holy Island, Anglesey and other smaller islands. Actually it is a former part of Gwynedd.

Facts about Anglesey 2: the inhabitants

The Welsh speakers who live in Anglesey occupy three quarters of the people. The island has the area of 276 square miles or 714 square kilometers. The largest Welsh island is Anglesey. In Great Britain, it is the fifth largest island. In Irish Sea, it is the largest one. Check out another island in Angel Island facts.

Anglesey Facts

Anglesey Facts

Facts about Anglesey 3: the Welsh name

The Welsh name for Anglesey is Ynys Mon. The UK Parliament and National Assembly constituencies use this name.

Facts about Anglesey 4: the meaning

The word Anglesey was taken from the Old Norse. The original meaning of this word is Onglisey or Ongli’s Island or ongullsey or Hook Island.

Anglesey Map

Anglesey Map

Facts about Anglesey 5: the history

Based on the history, the island was used by the Viking raiders in the 10th century. During the invasion of Gwynedd, the Normans adopted the island.

Facts about Anglesey 6: the low lying island

Anglesey is the low lying island. But the north of the island is spaced with mountains. They are distributed evenly. You can find six highest mountains in Anglesey such as Mynydd Bodafon, Holyhead Mountain, Mynydd Llwydiarth, and Mynydd y Garn.

Anglesey Tour

Anglesey Tour

Facts about Anglesey 7: Menai Strait

Menai Strait separates the south-east/south area of the island with the Welsh mainland. The Irish Sea is seen in all directions from the island. Based on the size, it is placed in the 50th largest island in Europe.

Facts about Anglesey 8: the small towns

There are many small and large towns in Anglesey. Some of them include Menai Bridge, Holyhead, Benllech, Llangefni and Amlwch.



Facts about Anglesey 9: the natural lake

If you want to know the largest natural lake in Anglesey, you can check out Cors Cerrig y Daran and Llyn Coron. Get facts about Angkor Wat here.

Facts about Anglesey 10: the climate

Can you tell me the climate of Anglesey? It has humid climate.

Facts about Anglesey

Facts about Anglesey

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