10 Facts about Anglicanism

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Facts about Anglicanism talk about the tradition of the Christianity to perform the practice and belief based on the Church of England and other churches which had the same history and structures. The people who follow the tradition of Anglicanism are called the Anglicans. This word was originated from the word Anglican. It means English Church. Find out more facts about Anglicanism here.

Facts about Anglicanism 1: the international Anglican Communion

Most of the Anglicans are the members of the churches. Most of the churches are the members of the international Anglican Communion.

Facts about Anglicanism 2: Continuing Anglican churches

Continuing Anglican churches are the terms used to call the people who considered themselves to Anglicans but they are not the member of the Anglican Communion. They are included in the Anglican realignment movement.

Anglicanism Facts

Anglicanism Facts

Facts about Anglicanism 3: the faith

The faith of the Anglicans was derived from the Bible, apostolic succession, traditions of apostolic church, and Church Fathers’ writings.

Facts about Anglicanism 4: the branch

Actually Anglicanism is only one of the many branches in Western Christianity. During the Elizabethan Religious Settlement, it declared the independence from the Pope.

Anglicanism Holy Bible

Anglicanism Holy Bible

Facts about Anglicanism 5: other service books

The Anglican Churches all over the world have other service books. But they still share the similar ties in the Anglican Communion by using the Book of Common Prayer.

Facts about Anglicanism 6: the characteristics

The main characteristics of Anglicanism can be seen in the common loyalty and affection. Each Anglican Church in the world has their full autonomy without seeing the nation or region.


Anglicanism Pictures

Anglicanism Pictures

Facts about Anglicanism 7: the Church of England

In 16th century, the word Anglicanism is always associated with the Church of England. In the latter half of 19th century, the word Anglicanism was used in general meaning.

Facts about Anglicanism 8: the traditional sacraments

The traditional sacraments were celebrated by the Anglicans with special emphasis. They also focus on the Lord’s Supper or the Mass, Holy Communion and Eucharist.

Anglicanism Image

Anglicanism Image

Facts about Anglicanism 9: The Eucharist

The main focus of Anglicanism is on The Eucharist when they want to worship. The life, death and resurrection of the Christ are celebrated through the prayer and praise. Other activities include giving God thanks over the bread and wine, reading Bible, singing, and breaking the bread. Get facts about Angel Michael here.

Facts about Anglicanism 10: Book of Common Prayer

Book of Common Prayer is one of the most important books of Anglicanism. It has been used by the Anglicans for centuries. It collects the ways people worship in Anglican churches.

Facts about Anglicanism

Facts about Anglicanism

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