10 Facts about Anglo Saxons

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Facts about Anglo Saxons talk about the people who lived in Great Britain in the fifth century. The people were the German tribes and indigenous British groups who adopted the Anglo Saxon culture and came to Great Britain. Find out more facts about Anglo Saxon by reading the following post below:

Facts about Anglo Saxons 1: the period

In the British history, the Anglo Saxons’ period was seen in 450 till 1066. They had the first settlement in Great Britain until the conquest of the Normans.

Facts about Anglo Saxons 2: the creation of English Nation

The Anglo Saxon period was very important since it included the initial stage of English Nation’s establishment.

Anglo Saxon Migration

Anglo Saxon Migration

Facts about Anglo Saxons 3: the aspects

Some of the aspects of Anglo Saxons that we can see today include the establishment of laws and charters, the aspects of literature and language, Christianity reestablishment, and the regional government of shires.

Facts about Anglo Saxons 4: the language

The language of Anglo Saxon was very important and popular.  The Anglo Saxons who lived in England and eastern Scotland who lived in the mid fifth century till 12th century used this Old English language. Get facts about Anglo Saxon culture here.

Anglo Saxon's Home

Anglo Saxon’s Home

Facts about Anglo Saxons 5: the Anglo Saxon’s culture

You can see the culture of Anglo Saxon reflected on the grave goods, illuminated texts, dressing style and buildings.

Facts about Anglo Saxons 6: the end of Roman rule

The beginning of Anglo Saxons was marked by the collapse of Roman rule. You can call it as a Migration Period in the European History.

Anglo Saxons Image

Anglo Saxons Image

Facts about Anglo Saxons 7: the Völkerwanderung

The Völkerwanderung is another name used in the early Anglo Saxon history. It means the migration of peoples in German. The German tribes such as Vandals, Goths, Saxons, Angles, Franks, Frisii, Suebi, and Lombards were the migrants. But these tribes had to move westwards by the Alans, Avars, Huns, Slavs, and Bulgars.

Facts about Anglo Saxons 8: the land in the east of southern Britain

The land in the east of southern Britain was given by a council of leaders in Britain to the Saxons if they would help the Britons to defend against the Picts and Scoti.

Anglo Saxons

Anglo Saxons

Facts about Anglo Saxons 9: the War of the Saxon Federates

The War of Saxon Federates was a war of the Saxons and the local population. This war could be ended after the siege at Mons Badonicus.

Facts about Anglo Saxons 10: adopting the culture of Anglo Saxons in 6th century

The new culture of the Anglo Saxons was adopted by some Brythonic people in the middle of 6th century.

Facts about Anglo Saxons

Facts about Anglo Saxons

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