10 Facts about Angola

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Facts about Angola talk about a country located in the Southern Africa. The capital city of Angola is Luanda. It is called as the 7th largest country in Africa. It is bordered by several countries. To the east, you can see Zambia, while to the south, you can spot Namibia.  Atlantic Ocean can be seen on the west coast and Republic of Congo is to the north. Get other facts about Angola below:

Facts about Angola 1: a Portuguese colony

The Portuguese colony was seen in the present territory of Angola. In 1975, this country got their independence. In 1975 until 2002, the intense civil war occurred in the country.

Facts about Angola 2: the economy and life of the people

The economy of Angola should be impressive since it has great petroleum and mineral reserves. However, the infant mortality rate and life expectancy in Angola is very low. The standard way of living is also low in the country.


Angola and Women

Angola and Women

Facts about Angola 3: organization

Angola is a member of OPEC, United Nations, Latin Union, African Union, Southern African Development Community and the Community of Portuguese Language Countries.

Facts about Angola 4: the seasons

If you decide to visit Angola, you must know the climate.  It has three seasons. In May to October, you will have dry seasons. In November to January, Angola has the transitional season with some rains. In February to April, it has rainy season.

Angola Facts

Angola Facts

Facts about Angola 5: the average temperature

In the winter season, it has the average temperature on the coast at 60 degree F or 16 degree C. The summer season is dryer and hotter with average temperature at 70 degree F or 21 degree C.

Facts about Angola 6: the motto

Angola has an impressive motto. It is Latin phrase, Virtus Unita Fortior. The meaning is Virtue is stronger when united.

Angola Image

Angola Image

Facts about Angola 7: the government

There are three branches of government in Angola. Those are the legislative, executive and judicial. The president, vice presidents and council of ministers make up the executive branch. Check out Andorra facts here.

Facts about Angola 8: The Constitution of 2010

The government structure in Angola and the right and duties of the citizens can be seen in The Constitution of 2010.

Angola Pic

Angola Pic

Facts about Angola 9: The Angolan Armed Forces

The Angolan Armed Forces or AFF have three divisions. Those are the National Air Force, Navy and Army. Get facts about Algeria here.

Facts about Angola 10: the language

The official language is Portuguese. But the indigenous languages such as Umbundu, Kimbundu, and Kikongo are spoken too.

Facts about Angola

Facts about Angola

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