10 Facts about Anguilla

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Facts about Anguilla tell you about the British overseas territory in Caribbean.  This territory can be seen on the east of Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands. You can find the main island and some smaller islands and cays in this territory. The population of Anguilla is around 13,500 people based on the census in 2006. It has the total land area of 90 km square or 35 square miles. Here are other interesting facts about Anguilla for you:

Facts about Anguilla 1: a tax haven

The people who want to enjoy the tax haven should come to Anguilla. It has now direct taxation from the corporations or individuals.

Facts about Anguilla 2: the first form of income tax

The first form of income tax was introduced in April 2011 after this territory faced the mounting deficit. This income tax is called 3 percent Interim Stabilisation Levy.

Anguilla Beach

Anguilla Beach

Facts about Anguilla 3: the residents

Most people who live in Anguilla are the black people. It is about 90.08 percent from the whole population. Hey are the descendants of the African transported slaves. The white people only occupy 3.74 percent from the whole population. The mixed race people are only 4.65 percent.

Facts about Anguilla 4: the non-Anguillian population

The non-Anguillian populations who live in Anguilla are the UK, US, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, St Kitts & Nevis and Nigeria people. Get facts about Samoa here.

Anguilla Facts

Anguilla Facts

Facts about Anguilla 5: the island history and culture

The island’s history and culture are preserved by the Anguilla National Trust or ANT. The Trust program was introduced in 1988. The offices were opened in 1993. The main job of this Trust is to protecting the cultural heritage of Anguilla. Find out Angola facts here.

Facts about Anguilla 6: Taino Indians

Taino Indians are the famous artifacts in Anguilla. The people can find out the culture history and life of the people before the arrival of European settlers.

Anguilla Map

Anguilla Map

Facts about Anguilla 7: the important holidays or celebrations

Holidays are very important to the life of the Angulliians. The anniversary of emancipation is celebrated as the summer festivals. The queen’s Birthday is another important holiday.

Facts about Anguilla 8: the style of Anguillian cuisine

The traditional foods of anguillian people were influenced by the English, French, Spanish, African and native Caribbean foods.

Anguilla Pic

Anguilla Pic

Facts about Anguilla 9: the most common food

The most common food eaten by the people are the seafood because they are abundant in this small island. The people like to eat mahi-mahi crab, shrimp, prawns, and red snapper.

Facts about Anguilla 10: the national sport

The national sport in Anguilla is boat racing.

Facts about Anguilla

Facts about Anguilla

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