10 Facts about Angus Cattle

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Facts about Angus Cattle talk about a breed of cattle used in various kinds of beef products. You can call these Angus cattle as Aberdeen Angus. These cattle were derived from the cattle originated from Aberdeenshire and Angus in Scotland. Therefore, it is often called Aberdeen Angus. Most of them do not have any horns. Find out more facts about Angus cattle by reading the following post below:

Facts about Angus Cattle 1: the body color

Let’s find out the body color of Angus Cattle.  The udder can be in white, while the body is in solid red or black color. In the population of Angus Cattle, the black and red cattle are always found.

Facts about Angus Cattle 2: the breed

The American people have their own opinion of the breed of Angus Cattle. The body color of the cattle divided them into two types of Breed. Both are the Black Angus and Red Angus. Most Angus Cattle in US are the Black Angus. They are the most common beef breed. In 2005, there were 324,266 Black Angus registered in US.

Angus Cattle Colors

Angus Cattle Colors

Facts about Angus Cattle 3: the name

Today, we call these cattle as Angus Cattle or Aberdeen Cattle. In the past, they were called as Angus doddies before 1800s.

Facts about Angus Cattle 4: Hugh Watson

The founder of the breed was Hugh Watson. Old Jock was his favorite bull born in 1842. Grey-Breasted Jock sired it.

Angus Cattle Facts

Angus Cattle Facts

Facts about Angus Cattle 5: Angus cattle in Australia

In 1820s, the Angus cattle were brought to Tasmania. In 1840, they were taken to the southern mainland.

Facts about Angus Cattle 6: the breed in Australia

Based on the data in 2010, there were 62,000 calves registered in Australia. There is no need to wonder that this breed can be found all over Australia.

Angus Cattle Images

Angus Cattle Images

Facts about Angus Cattle 7: the history of Angus Cattle in US

George Grant had four Angus bulls on 17 May 1873. His bulls became the main topic of conversation when he took them in the fair in Kansas City. People found them freak due to the hornless feature.

Facts about Angus Cattle 8: American Aberdeen Angus Association

American Aberdeen Angus Association was established in Chicago, Illinois on 21 November 1883. It was changed into American Angus Association in 1950s.

Angus Cattle Pic

Angus Cattle Pic

Facts about Angus Cattle 9: the first herd book

On 1 March 1885, the first herd book from the Association was published. At that time, the red and black Angus could be registered with any differences. Check out another animal in Angelfish facts.

Facts about Angus Cattle 10: the distinction of red and black Angus cattle

The red and black Angus cattle are differentiated for the first time in 1917. It is due to the fact that the association wanted to promote the solid Black Angus cattle.

Facts about Angus Cattle

Facts about Angus Cattle

Are you impressed with facts about Angus cattle?

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