10 Facts about Anh Do

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Let me show you the Vietnamese born Australian actor, comedian and author in Facts about Anh Do. Anh Do was born on 2 June 1977. He is very popular in Australia. You can see him in various kinds of Australian TV shows such as Good News Week and Thank God, You’re Here. In 2007, he became the runner up for Dancing with the Stars. Check out more facts about Anh Do below:

Facts about Anh Do 1: education

This man is educated. He went to University of Technology in Sidney and earned a combined Business law degree.

Facts about Anh Do 2: Khoa Do

Khoa Do is the famous director and filmmaker in Australia. He is the bother of Anh Do. There are various movies of Khoa starred by Anh Do. One of them is Footy Legends. Anh Do Vietnam is another TV show which has been aired since 2012.

Anh Do Actor

Anh Do Actor

Facts about Anh Do 3: the early life

The early life of Anh Do’s family was not good. In 1980, his family had to move to Australia from Vietnam as refugees. But this experience inspired Anh Do to create his autobiography in 2010. It is entitled the Happiest Refugee.

Facts about Anh Do 4: how the family survived

If you read his biography, you will know how the family of Do survived in a leading fishing boat. During the trip to reach Australia, they had to struggle after being attacked by 2 different groups of pirates. Find out another writer in Anne Frank facts.

Anh Do Facts

Anh Do Facts

Facts about Anh Do 5: the group of pirates

The first group of pirate took one of the boat’s engines. The second groups took the second engine. All of the refugees were alive after they were saved by the German merchant ship.

Facts about Anh Do 6: The Happiest Refugee and awards

The story in The Happiest Refugee impresses the readers and critics. There is no need to wonder that it earns him a lot of awards such as Indie Book of the Year Award 2011, 2011 Australian Book of the Year, Non-fiction Indie Book of the Year 2011, and Biography of the Year and Newcomer of the Year.

Anh Do Pic

Anh Do Pic

Facts about Anh Do 7: education and jobs

He pursued his education while having different jobs or business. He started his business to breed the tropical fish when he was only 13 years old.  He had a stall used to sell the American Indian artefacts during her first year in University of Technology. Get facts about Anne Fine here.

Facts about Anh Do 8: standup comedy

He chose standup comedy. But he wanted to become a full time painter in 2013.

Facts about Anh Do

Facts about Anh Do

Facts about Anh Do 9: marriage

He married Suzanne. Both have 3 kids.

Facts about Anh Do 10: movies

His movies include SeaChange (2000), Don’t Blame Me (2002), The Finished People (2003), Kick (2007), Double the Fist (2008) and many more.

Anh Do Vietnam

Anh Do Vietnam

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