10 Facts about Animal Behavior

Tuesday, February 17th 2015. | Animals

Facts about Animal Behavior make you laugh, impressed and thrilled. The behaviors of animals are very unique and interesting. You can see how the European eels spend 3 years to reach the inland river. Then will live here for nine years before they decide to come to the sea again. They will reach the Sargasso Sea again to breed by swimming without eating. Find out other facts about animal behavior by reading the following post:

Facts about Animal Behavior 1: monarch butterfly

Have you ever spotted the monarch butterfly? This flying animal is beautiful with the orange and black color. They are famous as the migrating butterfly of North America. They will have a journey to reach Florida and back again in 2,500 miles.

Facts about Animal Behavior 2: the sponges

The sponges live underwater. The deepest part of the sea that they can live in is 28,000 feet. Get facts about animal adaptation here.

Animal Behavior Facts

Animal Behavior Facts

Facts about Animal Behavior 3: amphibians

The eggs of the amphibians will be left in the water. The male will carry the eggs using the strings located on his legs until the eggs hatch. Get facts about African Dwarf frogs here.

Facts about Animal Behavior 4: amoeba

Amoeba is famous as the shapeless animal. The reproduction of this animal is very unique. It will split the nucle apart. This style of reproduction is called fission.  The rest of the amoeba will follow after the nucleus splits.

Animal Behavior Image

Animal Behavior Image

Facts about Animal Behavior 5: the largest octopus

The largest octopus can reach the measurement at 32 feet.  It is the common pacific octopus.

Facts about Animal Behavior 6: insects

There are many kinds of insects in the world. One of the largest members of insects is the beetles. If you think that a lady bird is a bird, you are wrong. Actually it is a beetle.

Animal Behavior

Animal Behavior

Facts about Animal Behavior 7: spiders

The main food of spider is the insects.  You can find at least 2,000,000 spiders in meadow land of Wales and England.

Facts about Animal Behavior 8: the sea horse

The sea horses must be lucky since they have unique eyes. They can use the eyes to focus on different direction at the same time.

Animal Behaviors

Animal Behaviors

Facts about Animal Behavior 9: the giant squid

The giant squid has strange eyes. It enables them to view the objects even though the condition is very poor.

Facts about Animal Behavior 10: Gastric frog

The animal behavior of a gastric frog makes you totally impressed. It can give birth a baby frog through the mouth.

Facts about Animal Behavior

Facts about Animal Behavior

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