10 Facts about Animal Cloning

Tuesday, February 17th 2015. | Science

Facts about Animal Cloning tell you about the history of process used by the scientist to create an identical copy of an original animal. This process of making a full living copy of an organism is conducted by transplanting the nuclei from body cells into eggs. But first, the nucleus from the egg should be removed. The electrical charge will be used to stimulate the egg to divide. Then the egg will be implanted into the uterus of a female animal:

Facts about Animal Cloning 1: the frog egg

The scientists conducted a research that they could remove the nucleus from the frog’s egg in 1952. Then the egg was filled with the nucleus that they took from an embryonic frog cell. Then they made the egg developed in a tadpole. Get facts about African Dwarf frog here.

Facts about Animal Cloning 2: the tadpoles

After the scientists transferred the cell nuclei from adult frogs, they could get the tadpoles in 1975.

Animal Cloning Cows

Animal Cloning Cows

Facts about Animal Cloning 3: the sheep

The scientists began to clone the sheep in 1986. They did it by having a nuclear transfer from embryonic cells.

Facts about Animal Cloning 4: Dolly the sheep

Dolly the sheep gained a lot of attention from the people after it was introduced and revealed by the scientists on 22 February 1997. Dolly was considered as the first mammal cloned from the cells of an adult animal. Dolly was born on the fifth of July 1996.

Animal Cloning Dolly

Animal Cloning Dolly

Facts about Animal Cloning 5: mice

The animal cloning is also seen on mice. There was a report which stated that a single mouse was used to create 50 cloned mice in several generations in 1998.

Facts about Animal Cloning 6: the pig and goats

In 2000, the scientists began to make a new breakthrough by cloning the adult cells of goats and pigs.

Animal Cloning Facts

Animal Cloning Facts

Facts about Animal Cloning 7: the bulls

The famous champion bull, Full Flush was used to create cloning of five bulls in 2001. This champion bull had great gens.

Facts about Animal Cloning 8: the lung disease and Dolly

Dolly the sheep which is famous as the first cloned mammal is diagnosed with progressive lung disease on 14 February 2003. At that time, she was only 6 years old.

Animal Cloning Pig

Animal Cloning Pig

Facts about Animal Cloning 9: Idaho Gem

Idaho Gem is the name of the first mule cloned by the University of Idaho on the fourth of May 2003.

Facts about Animal Cloning 10: rats

The first record to clone rats was taken by the French scientists on 25 September 2003 at National Institute of Agricultural Research, France. Get facts about animal testing here.

Facts about Animal Cloning

Facts about Animal Cloning

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