10 Facts about Animal Fur

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Facts about Animal Fur tell you the life of the animals abused in the animal farm. It is reported that most animals are skinned alive when the people take the fur of the animal’s body. The fur is very valuable in the fashion industry. Each year, there are more than 50 million animals killed to serve the need of the fashion industry. Get more facts about animal fur by reading the following post below:

Facts about Animal Fur 1: the method

There are various kinds of methods used by the people to kill the animals and get the fur. The animals often face the neck breaking, electrocution and gassing. This animal abuse makes the animals suffered a lot.

Facts about Animal Fur 2: the animal farm

The fur is taken from the animals trapped purely for fashion industry. If you think that the fur is taken from the animals trapped inside the meat industry, you are wrong.

Animal Fur Facts

Animal Fur Facts

Facts about Animal Fur 3: the fur market

The making of fur coats needs a lot of fur from the animal. To create a full length of coat, people have to kill a lot of animals.  If you like wearing the fur clothes, you support the animal abuse.

Facts about Animal Fur 4: the ban

Today, the people in Europe are very concerned with the life of animals. They ban the production of fur from animal.

Animal Fur Pic

Animal Fur Pic

Facts about Animal Fur 5: the labels

You have to be careful when you buy the accessories or garments. You cannot trust the label. Sometimes they are not the right way to identify the type of fur in the clothes.  You can avoid buying the clothes free from animal fur.

Facts about Animal Fur 6: the facilities of animal farms

In the factory farms, you will know that this facility is used as a place to cage and kill the animals. They do it to get the fur.  There are millions of animals in the fur farm needed to be protected by the laws. Get facts about animal farm here.

Animal Fur Trade

Animal Fur Trade

Facts about Animal Fur 7: seals

One of the animals killed due to their fur is the seal. These marine mammals are often hunted by the Canadian seal hunt. In 2003 till 2005, the report stated that a million harp seals were killed.

Facts about Animal Fur 8: the economy

The fur trade remains a part of the tradition and economy development for the North American people in the beginning. But people never justify it as an animal abuse.

Animal Extinction Facts

Animal Extinction Facts

Facts about Animal Fur 9: the number of animals in fur farms

There are at least 50 million animals raised in the fur farms. Check out animal welfare facts here.

Facts about Animal Fur 10: the fur farm in US

In US, there were at least 300 fur farms reported in 2009.

Animal Fur Skinned

Animal Fur Skinned

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