10 Facts about Animal Hoarding

Thursday, February 19th 2015. | Animals

If you want to know the miserable condition of animals, you have to check out Facts about Animal Hoarding. Animal hoarding is defined as the act of keeping the higher number of animals as your domestic pets, but the people do not have the ability or appropriate care to the animals. They often deny this inability to take care a lot of animals.  Get more facts about animal hoarding facts by reading the following post below:

Facts about Animal Hoarding 1: a mental disorder

Most scientists view the animal hoarding as a symptom of mental disorder. It is not included as animal cruelty.

Facts about Animal Hoarding 2: the characteristics of the hoarders

The hoarders will never be able to let go his or her pets because they are deeply attached to them.  Since their view is not realistic, they do not know that this act can harm the animals due to the limited care. However, the hoarders believe that they have done proper thing to care the animals.

Animal Hoarding Facts

Animal Hoarding Facts

Facts about Animal Hoarding 3: a hoarding prevention team

It is very interesting to know a Hoarding Prevention Team is established by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  It helps the hoarders to make sure that they have the right number of pets and give them the suitable care. Get facts about animal cruelty here.

Facts about Animal Hoarding 4: definition of animal hoarding

The compulsive need to control and posses animals is used as the definition of animal hoarding.

Animal Hoarding Image

Animal Hoarding Image

Facts about Animal Hoarding 5: the new cases

It is reported that there are at least 3,500 new cases of animal hoarding in United States per year.  We believe that there are many other cases unreported by the people.

Facts about Animal Hoarding 6: the victims

What about the number of the victims of animal hoarding? It is around 25,000 animals. Get facts about animal abuse here.

Facts about Animal Hoarding

Facts about Animal Hoarding

Facts about Animal Hoarding 7: what causes the animal hoarding in adults?

The stress or loss in a relationship, the health issue and economic hardship can be the main reason of animal hoarding in adults.

Facts about Animal Hoarding 8: the key indicators

The key indicators of animal hoarders can be seen in the way he so she takes care the animals. Don’t forget to check out the number of the animals at home.

Animal Farm Chicken

Animal Farm Chicken

Facts about Animal Hoarding 9: types of animals

The types of the animals hoarded by the people are not limited in dogs and cats. They also hoard chickens, ferrets, birds, rabbits and goats.

Facts about Animal Hoarding 10: the domestic pets

The main cases of animals hoarding can be seen in domestic pets.

Animal Hoarding

Animal Hoarding

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