10 Facts about Ankara

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Facts about Ankara tell you about the famous capital of Turkey. Many people think that Istanbul is the capital city. People will be always directed to visit Istanbul even though Ankara actually also offers you with a lot of interesting places.  The landscape is very stunning. You can do anything you want in the second largest city in Turkey. Here are some interesting Ankara facts:

Facts about Ankara 1: the population and elevation of the Ankara

Ankara was a home of 5,150,072 people based on the report in 2014.  The municipality of Ankara was inhabited by 4,965,542 people. This city sits at the elevation of 3,077 feet or 938 meters.

Facts about Ankara 2: the important city

The Turkish Government is located in Ankara. Besides being the capital of Turkey, it is also used as the center of the industry. It is passed by the railway networks and Turkey’s highway. Get facts about Amarillo here.


Ankara at Night

Ankara at Night

Facts about Ankara 3: the fame

Ankara is famous due to the long haired Angora goat. The wool from the goat called mohair is very expensive. Other famous animals from Ankara are the Angora Rabbits and Angora cat.

Facts about Ankara 4: the historical site in Ankara

If you want to know the historical site in Ankara, you have to come to the rocky hill. It stands at 492 feet elevation. It is located at the tributary of Sangarius or Sakarya River.

Ankara Facts

Ankara Facts

Facts about Ankara 5: a green city

Ankara is called as a green city in Turkey even though it is very dry.  It is due to the fact that each inhabitant in Ankara has at least 72 meter green area per head.

Facts about Ankara 6: the archeological sites

The archeological sites in Turkey are very famous. This old city presents the Ottoman, Hellenistic, Hittite, Byzantine, Roman and Phrygian sites.

Ankara Skylight

Ankara Skylight

Facts about Ankara 7: the climate

The climate in Ankara is very comfortable for the inland location and elevation makes it have the hot summer continental climate.

Facts about Ankara 8: Ankara Citadel

One of the interesting places in Ankara is Ankara Citadel. The location is in Ulus Bentderesi district. The citadel is high and long. You are free to enter it.

Facts about Ankara

Facts about Ankara

Facts about Ankara 9: Kocatepe Mosque

If you want to know the glorious and stunning mosque in Ankara, you can go to Kocatepe Mosque.

Facts about Ankara 10: other places to visit

Other places to visit in Ankara are Atakule Tower, Anadolu Medeniyetleri Müzesi or The Museum of Anatolian Civilization, and local street food in Ankara. Check out facts about Almeria here.

Ankara Pic

Ankara Pic

Are you impressed reading facts about Ankara?

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