10 Facts about Ankylosaurus

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Let me show the interesting Facts about Ankylosaurus if you want to know the pre historic animals. The fossil was discovered in the beginning of 20th century. In 1906, Barnum Brown discovered the type fossil of Ankylosaurus in Montana’s Hell Creek formation. Get more facts about the animal below:

Facts about Ankylosaurus 1: the meaning

Ankylosaurus is included in the genus of ankylosaurid dinosaur. The word Ankylosaurus means fused lizard. The fossil of this animal was dated back around 68 till 66 Ma ago in western North America. It was during the Cretaceous period.

Facts about Ankylosaurus 2: the complete skeleton of Ankylosaurus

Until this present day, the complete skeleton of Ankylosaurus has not been found by the paleontologists. But their body is represented by the fossil material. Get facts about Allosaurus here.

Ankylosaurus Facts

Ankylosaurus Facts

Facts about Ankylosaurus 3: the largest known member

The largest known member in the family is Ankylosaurus. It had the weight up to 13,000 lbs or 6 tonnes. The length was around 300 feet or 9 meters.

Facts about Ankylosaurus 4: the smaller sized of Ankylosaurus

There was a smaller size of Ankylosaurus due to the discovery of the largest known skull of this animal. It had the width at 29.3 inches and length at 25.4 inches. In average, Ankylosaurus had the length at 20.5 feet, width at 4.9 feet and height at 5.6 feet.

Ankylosaurus Image

Ankylosaurus Image

Facts about Ankylosaurus 5: the body shape

Let’s find out the body shape of Ankylosaurus. It had wide and low slung body shape. The forelimbs were shorter compared to the hind limbs.

Facts about Ankylosaurus 6: the feet

The paleontologists can only estimate the feet and toes of Ankylosaurus since their feet had not known until today.  But they estimate that Ankylosaurus had 5 toes.

Ankylosaurus Pic

Ankylosaurus Pic

Facts about Ankylosaurus 7: the shape of the skull

Can you tell me the shape of Ankylosaurus skull? It had a triangular and low shape.

Facts about Ankylosaurus 8: herbivore

Do you know that Ankylosaurus was an herbivore? It means that this animal ate leaves. Their teeth were used to crop the plants and vegetation. They had smaller teeth.

Facts about Ankylosaurus

Facts about Ankylosaurus

Facts about Ankylosaurus 9: the bones

Ankylosaurus was very strong due to the fused bones in the skull and other body parts. The main usage was to enhance the strength of Ankylosaurus. Get facts about animal extinction here.

Facts about Ankylosaurus 10: the discovery

The discovery of Ankylosaurus was led by Brown. His discovery included the ribs, top of the skull, armor and shoulder girdle.

Ankylosaurus Statue

Ankylosaurus Statue

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