10 Facts about Anne Boleyn

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You have to check out Facts about Anne Boleyn if you want to know the famous queen of England from 1533 till 1536, but her life left miserable after she sentenced to death by his husband, King Henry VIII. Actually she was the second wife of the king after his first wife died. He was born circa 1501 and passed away on 19 May 1536. Here are other facts about Anne Boleyn for you:

Facts about Anne Boleyn 1: parents

Let’s find out the parents of Anne Boleyn. Her mother was Lady Elizabeth Howard. Her father was the first Earl of Wiltshire named Thomas Boleyn.

Facts about Anne Boleyn 2: education

She spent more of her time in France and Netherlands because she pursued her education there. Actually she became a maid of honor to Claude of France.

Anne Boleyn Facts

Anne Boleyn Facts

Facts about Anne Boleyn 3: moving back to England

In the beginning of 1522, she returned to England. She married the ninth Earl of Ormond, James Butler who was also her cousin. But her marriage plan did not end up well.

Facts about Anne Boleyn 4: the maid of honor

Anne became the maid of honour for Catherine of Aragon who was the wife of Henry VIII. Anne and Henry Percy had a secret betrothal in the beginning of 1523. But their betrothal was broken by Cardinal Thomas Wolsey. Then Henry Percy married Lady Mary Talbot and Anne went back to Hever Castle.

Anne Boleyn Image

Anne Boleyn Image

Facts about Anne Boleyn 5: King Henry VIII

Henry began to pursue Anne in February or March 1526. She did not want to become his mistress. Soon Henry was very interested and desired to Anne. He wanted to annul his marriage with Catherine of Aragon so that he was able to marry Anne.

Facts about Anne Boleyn 6: annulling the marriage

It was very clear that Pope Clement VII would never annul his marriage. Therefore, he broke the relationship with Catholic Church in England.

Anne Boleyn Pic

Anne Boleyn Pic

Facts about Anne Boleyn 7: marriage

Anne and King Henry married on January 25, 1533. The marriage of Henry and Anne was declared as void and null by Thomas Cranmer on 23 May 1533. But then he declared the marriage was good and valid five days later.

Facts about Anne Boleyn 8: the birth of Queen Elizabeth I

On the 1st June 1533, Anne became the queen. She gave birth to the future Queen Elizabeth I on 7 September. Actually the gender of this child made him disappointed.

Anne Boleyn Pictures

Anne Boleyn Pictures

Facts about Anne Boleyn 9: Jane Seymour

The interest of the king developed to Jane Seymour by March 1536 and he investigated Anne due to the high treason in April 1536. Find out another figure in Amy Dudley facts.

Facts about Anne Boleyn 10: death

He was arrested and sent to the Tower of London and was beheaded after the trial.  The charges against her were incest, adultery and witchcraft.

Facts about Anne Boleyn

Facts about Anne Boleyn

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