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The famous British writer who loved to produce children and adult book is explained in Facts about Anne Fine.  She was born on 7 December 1947. In 2003, she was awarded OBE. Moreover, she is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. Even though she also wrote the books for adults, most of her works are for children. Check out more facts about Anne Fine by reading the following post below:

Facts about Anne Fine 1: place of birth

Fine was born in Leicester, Leicestershire, UK. Talking about her education, she went to Northampton high School. She went to University of Warwick and graduated with a degree in politics.

Facts about Anne Fine 2: personal life

Kit Fine was her husband. He was a philosopher. Now she has a relationship with Dick Warren. Both have been partners for more than 20 years. Now Fine spends her life living in Barnard Castle, County Durham, England.

Anne Fine Facts

Anne Fine Facts

Facts about Anne Fine 3: the books for children

This famous writer has created at least 50 books for children. Those include Madame Doubtfire (1987), Poor Monty (1991), Scaredy-Cat (1985), and many more. Get facts about Anne Bronte here.

Facts about Anne Fine 4: the Carnegie Medal

I believe that Fine was much honored when she became two winners for the annual Carnegie medal. She also got one Smartis Prize, Guardian Prize, and two Whitbread Awards. She was named the Children’s Author of the Year twice.

Anne Fine Pic

Anne Fine Pic

Facts about Anne Fine 5: Hans Christian Andersen Medal

In 2001 till 2003, she was selected as the 2nd British Children’s Laureate. She also got the runner up for Hans Christian Andersen Medal in 1998 due to her big contribution as a children author.

Facts about Anne Fine 6: the books for middle children

The books of Fine intended for middle children are How to Write Really Badly (1996) and Bill’s New Frock (Methuen, 1989). Find out a poet in Anne Sexton facts.

Anne Fine Image

Anne Fine Image

Facts about Anne Fine 7: the book for older children

Madame Doubtfire (1987) is one of Fine’s books for the older children. It is a satirical novel. You can find this book adapted into a movie. The main cast was Robin Williams with the title Mrs. Doubtfire.

Facts about Anne Fine 8: Goggle-Eyes

Deborah Hall adapted Goggle-Eyes for television in BBC. Her works are very popular. There is no need to wonder that they have been translated in more than 45 languages in the world.

Anne Fine

Anne Fine

Facts about Anne Fine 9: Let Books Be Books

Let Books Be Books is one of the campaigns used to persuade the publishers not to label the books for boys or for girls. Fine gave this support for this campaign in March 2014.

Facts about Anne Fine 10: other books

Other books that Fine wrote are Stranger Danger?, Design a Pram, The Worst Child I Ever Had, Poor Monty, and Only a Show.

Facts about Anne Fine

Facts about Anne Fine

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