10 Facts about Anne Frank

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Facts about Anne Frank talk about the famous author in the world who died at the age of 15 in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Nazi Germany on March 1945. She was born on 12 June 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. She was famous around the world after her diary that she wrote during her hiding from the Nazi Germany in the World War II was published. It touched the heart of the people. Here are other interesting facts about Anne Frank for you:

Facts about Anne Frank 1: parents

Otto Frank was her father who worked as a businessman.  Her mother was Edith who only stayed at home to care the children, Anne and Margot, and did the household. Margot was the older sister of Anne.

Facts about Anne Frank 2: characters

Anne was a spirited and outgoing girl. Her sister Margot was serious and quiet. There is no need to wonder that she bumped into trouble more than Margot. Margot has similar characters with her mother who always looked shy. Anne was similar with her father who liked to play games and shared girl’s stories.

Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House

Facts about Anne Frank 3: writer

Anne Frank wanted to become a writer one day. She had a wonderful life as a child. She owned a lot of friends. She often followed Jewish customs and holidays since the family was Jewish. Get Anne Bronte facts here.

Facts about Anne Frank 4: Hitler and Nazi

Everything changed when Hitler became the leader the Germany.  He had his Nazi political party.  The Germany’s problems were blamed on the Jewish people. Therefore, many Jews went away from Germany.

Anne Frank Image

Anne Frank Image

Facts about Anne Frank 5: moving

His father Otto Frank wanted to the save the family. Therefore, they left Germany and went to Amsterdam in 1934. At that time, Anne was only four years old.  This family felt safe again by living in a new country away from Germany.

Facts about Anne Frank 6: the World War II

The World War II began when Germany invaded Poland in 1939. The countries such as Czechoslovakia and Austria were captured by Germany. Hitler decided to invade Netherlands, but Otto did not move from the country.

Facts about Anne Frank

Facts about Anne Frank

Facts about Anne Frank 7: invasion in Netherlands

Otto and his family did not have time to escape from the Nazi since they invaded the country on 10th May 1940. The Jews had to register to the Germans. They were not allowed to watch movies, have jobs, run the business, or even sit on the benches in the park.

Facts about Anne Frank 8: hiding

To make his family safe, the family hid in a secret place in the house. During this hiding, Anne wrote her diary Kitty.

Anne Frank Image

Anne Frank Image

Facts about Anne Frank 9: captured by Germans

The Germans captured the Franks after two years of hiding at home on 4 August 1944. Find out another writer in facts about Anne Bradstreet here.

Facts about Anne Frank 10: death

In March 1945, Anne died of Typhus. That’s a month before the allies arrived at the concentration camp.

Anne Frank Diary

Anne Frank Diary

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