10 Facts about Anne Hutchinson

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Facts about Anne Hutchinson talk about the famous colonist in Massachusetts Bay. In 1637, she was kicked away from Boston due to her feminist and religious belief.  Therefore, she went to Rhode Island colony. Hutchinson was very well educated but her belief at that time was not accepted by the people. Get more facts about Hutchinson by reading the following post below:

Facts about Anne Hutchinson 1: date of birth

Hutchinson was baptized on 20 July 1591.   Her place of birth was in Alford, Lincolnshire, England. She was named Anne Marbury for her birth name.

Facts about Anne Hutchinson 2: parents

Her father was Francis Marbury who worked as a deacon at Christ Church, Cambridge.  Her mother was Bridget Dryden.

Anne Hutchinson Facts

Anne Hutchinson Facts

Facts about Anne Hutchinson 3: education

Even though she did not go to school, she was very well educated at home. Her father influenced her strong interest to learn more about theology.

Facts about Anne Hutchinson 4: marriage

William Hutchinson was her husband. Both married in 1612. It was very amazing to know that both were blessed with 15 children.

Anne Hutchinson Pic

Anne Hutchinson Pic

Facts about Anne Hutchinson 5: the Puritans

Anne was a member of the Puritans after she and her family went to the sermons of John Cotton. Hutchinson and her family decided to move to the puritan colonies of New England after John Cotton joined the colonies in 1634.

Facts about Anne Hutchinson 6: religious freedom

Hutchinson and other colonists decided to leave the home country and reach the New World to seek the religious freedom. Therefore, she sailed to America in the end of 1934.

Anne Hutchinson Statue

Anne Hutchinson Statue

Facts about Anne Hutchinson 7: differences with the congregation of John Cotton

She had differences with the strict ideas and beliefs of the Puritans when she joined John Cotton’s congregation.  But she was banished of having her own thought just because she was a woman.

Facts about Anne Hutchinson 8: expressing her view

She expressed her own view about religion by making her own woman’s club by reviewing the sermons, prays and discussing the scriptures.

Anne Hutchinson trial

Anne Hutchinson trial

Facts about Anne Hutchinson 9: John Winthrop

John Winthrop realized that Hutchinson had her own club meeting.  He viewed her as a threat to the men’s power. It contradicted the Puritan way of life. Check out another religious woman in Anne Bradstreet facts.

Facts about Anne Hutchinson 10: arrested

She was arrested in November 1637. Do you know that she was pregnant at that time? She was found guilty and banished from the colony and moved to Rhode Island. In Portsmouth, she established a new government which separated the church and state.

Facts about Anne Hutchinson

Facts about Anne Hutchinson

She passed away in 1643, after she and her family were massacred by Native Indians. Are you interested reading facts about Anne Hutchinson?

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