10 Facts about Anschluss

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If you like to study about history, you need to check out Facts about Anschluss. It talks about the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany. This event occurred in March 1938. This word in Germany means union. In 1919, the Austria proposed the idea. But it was pushed from 1919 to 1933 by the Austrian Social Democrats. However the union was forbidden due to the Treaty of Saint Germany and Treaty of Versailles at that time. Find out more facts about Anschluss by reading the following post:

Facts about Anschluss 1: discussing the Anschluss

The topic of Anschluss was discussed by Hitler and the chancellor of Austria, Kurt von Schuschnigg on 12th February 1938 at Berchtesgaden.

Facts about Anschluss 2: agreement

Hitler and Schuschnigg settled the agreement to unite Austria and Germany as long as Hitler supported the national sovereignty of Austria. In return, the Austrian Nazi leader Arthur Seyss-Inquart should be the public security minister in the country so that he could control the police force there.

Anschluss Facts

Anschluss Facts

Facts about Anschluss 3: Austria’s government

President Wilhelm Miklas of Austria refused the selection of Seyss-Inquart as the Public security minister. To settle this problem, Schuschnigg held a vote about Anschluss on 11th of March. However, in that day, Hitler gave him two choices of facing the military invasion or giving the power of National Socialist in Austria.

Facts about Anschluss 4: the military order

Since the order of Hitler was expired, he sent the military forces to Austria. Schuschnigg decided to resign from his position after he realized the Britain and France would not take action about it. To avoid the war, he told the Austrian army to cooperate with German troops.

Anschluss Map

Anschluss Map

Facts about Anschluss 5: crossing the border of Austria

German forces crossed the border and arrived in Austria on 12th March 1938. There was no fighting occurred here since they were welcomed with the people waving the Nazi flags, giving Nazi salutes and handing flowers.

Facts about Anschluss 6: another name

This union or annexation of Austria and Germany was called Blumenkrieg. The meaning is the war of flowers.

Anschluss People

Anschluss People

Facts about Anschluss 7: the arrival of Hitler

In the afternoon of March 12th, Hitler arrived in his birthplace, Braunau. Then he went to Linz. The people welcomed him in the city hall. Get facts about Hitler here.

Facts about Anschluss 8: the annexation

On March 13th, Hitler declared the annexation of Austria. He included Austria as a province of Ostmark.

Anschluss Pic

Anschluss Pic

Facts about Anschluss 9: a speech

Hitler addressed the Austrian people by giving them a speech on 15 March 1938. He stated that Germany came to Austria as liberators, not tyrants.

Facts about Anschluss 10: the opposition

The people who opposed Anschluss were arrested.

Facts about Anschluss

Facts about Anschluss

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