10 Facts about Ansel Adams

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Let me show you the interesting Facts about Ansel Adams if you want to know the notable American environmentalist and photographer. Adams was born on 20 February 1902 in San Francisco, California. Talking about his face, he always had a crooked nose after he was knocked on the ground when he was four years old. It was due to the aftershock of a great earthquake. Here are other interesting facts about Ansel Adams for you:

Facts about Ansel Adams 1: education

Adams’ parents decided to tutor him at home when he was still a child. He did not do well at school at that time.

Facts about Ansel Adams 2: an eidetic memory

Even though he performed poorly at school, he developed an eidetic memory. It is a kind of photographic memory which made him remember the sounds, smells and other kinds of sense. The young Adams was thought to be dyslexic and hyperactive.

Ansel Adams Image

Ansel Adams Image

Facts about Ansel Adams 3: piano

When he was twelve years old, he enjoyed playing music and learned to play piano. He also had an interest to walk in the sand dunes near his home and enjoyed the beautiful nature.

Facts about Ansel Adams 4: astronomy

Adams and his father shared the similar interest about astronomy. He got a telescope from his father.

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams

Facts about Ansel Adams 5: Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park was an important place of Ansel Adams.  After he read In the Heart of the Sierras by James Mason Hutchings, he wanted to visit the park when he was 14. When he walked through the park’s mountains, his interest of photography grew in his heart. Before he took the trip, his parents gave him a Kodak Brownie camera. Get facts about Anne Sexton here.

Facts about Ansel Adams 6: the most famous photographs

Yosemite National Park was one of his biggest inspirations. You can see that his major works were captured from this national park. One of his notable photos was “Monolith, the Face of Half Dome”. It was taken by Ansel in 1927.

Ansel Adams Pic

Ansel Adams Pic

Facts about Ansel Adams 7: the Sierra Club

Ansel became the member of the Sierra Club when he was 17 years old. The main purpose of this club was to preserve the resources and natural wonders of earth.

Facts about Ansel Adams 8: active member

By being the member in the Sierra club, he became an active environmentalist. He worked for the issues about preservation of wilderness and environmental issues for the national parks.

Ansel Adams Photo

Ansel Adams Photo

Facts about Ansel Adams 9: a photo finisher

When he was in San Francisco, he worked as a photo finisher for the part time job.  He learned the basic darkroom technique from this job. Find out another artist in Anselm Kiefer facts.

Facts about Ansel Adams 10: Albert Bender

Albert Bender helped Adams to publish his first portfolio in 1927. Then he began making money from the photographs.

Facts about Ansel Adams

Facts about Ansel Adams

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