10 Facts about Antarctica Penguins

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If you want to know the types of penguins living in Antarctica, you have to check out Facts about Antarctica Penguins.  The notable penguins living here include the Adelie and emperor penguins. The heaviest and the tallest penguin in the world is emperor penguin or Aptenodytes forsteri. They are endemic to Antarctica. Here are some interesting facts about Antarctica penguins:

Facts about Antarctica Penguins 1: the male and female emperor penguins

The male and female penguins have the similar size. The weight can reach 22 till 45 kilograms. The height can reach 122 cm or 48 inches.

Facts about Antarctica Penguins 2: the color of emperor penguins

The emperor penguins have unique colors in the body. You can find the black color in the head and dorsal side. The ear patches are bright yellow, while the breast is pale yellow.

Antarctica Penguin Facts

Antarctica Penguin Facts

Facts about Antarctica Penguins 3: the body shape

Let’s find out the body shape of emperor penguins. The wings area flattened and stiffened to the flippers. These animals cannot fly. The body is in a streamlined shape. Get facts about animal adaptation here.

Facts about Antarctica Penguins 4: the diet for emperor penguins

The emperor penguins like to eat fish as the main diet. But they also eat squid, krill, cephalopods and crustaceans.

Antarctica Penguin

Antarctica Penguin

Facts about Antarctica Penguins 5: the life span of Antarctica penguins

The Antarctica penguins can live up to 20 years if they are in the wild. But there are some observations which stay that they can live until 50 years.

Facts about Antarctica Penguins 6: The Adélie penguin

Another type of penguin living in Antarctica is Adélie penguin. It has the Latin name of Pygoscelis adeliae. This penguin can be seen in Antarctica and it is called as the one of the common penguin in the continent. Get facts about Adelie penguin here.

Antarctica Penguins Image

Antarctica Penguins Image

Facts about Antarctica Penguins 7: the name of Adélie penguin

The name Adélie penguin was taken from the name of the wife of Jules Dumont d’Urville, Adélie Land. In 1840, d’Urville discovered the penguins.

Facts about Antarctica Penguins 8: diet of Adélie penguins

Adélie penguins like to eat sea krill, Antarctica silverfish, Antarctica krill, ice krill and glacial squid.

Antarctica Penguins Facts

Antarctica Penguins Facts

Facts about Antarctica Penguins 9: chinstrap penguin

The chinstrap penguin or Pygoscelis Antarctica can be found in Antarctica, South Sandwich Islands, South Orkneys, South Georgia, South Shetland, and Balleny. They are often called as bearded penguins and ringed penguins.

Facts about Antarctica Penguins 10: other penguins

Other species of Antarctic penguins include Gentoo penguin, King penguin, Macaroni penguin, Rockhopper penguin, and many more.

Facts about Antarctica Penguins

Facts about Antarctica Penguins

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