10 Facts about Antarctica’s Climate

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It will be interesting to discuss Facts about Antarctica’s Climate.  If you have gone to Antarctica, you can tell how cold the temperature in the continent is.  It is considered as the coldest continent on earth.  The coldest temperature ever recorded in Antarctica was at Vostok Station. It was -128.6 degree F or -89.2 degree Celsius. Get more facts about Antarctica’s climate below:

Facts about Antarctica’s Climate 1: desert

Antarctica is considered as a desert since the precipitation is very low. It has the average precipitation at 6.5 inches or 166 mm.

Facts about Antarctica’s Climate 2: the snow

You can hardly see the snow melting in Antarctica.  The snow will form the ice sheets. Therefore, this area is very cold.

Antarctica's Climate and People's Life

Antarctica’s Climate and People’s Life

Facts about Antarctica’s Climate 3: the ice cap climate

Most parts of Antarctica have the ice cap climate. It is characterized with dry and cold weather.

Facts about Antarctica’s Climate 4: the highest temperature

The highest temperature in Antarctica ever recorded came in two places of Hope Bay and Vanda Stations. It was recorded on 5 January 1974. It had the temperature at 58.2 degree F or 14.5 degree C.

Antarctica's Climate Facts

Antarctica’s Climate Facts

Facts about Antarctica’s Climate 5: the interior

The interior of Antarctica is around -70 degree F or -57 degree C.

Facts about Antarctica’s Climate 6: the factors

There are several factors which define the low temperature in Antarctica. The factors include the distance from the ocean, elevation and latitude.

Antarctica's Climate Pic

Antarctica’s Climate Pic

Facts about Antarctica’s Climate 7: the east and west Antarctica

The west Antarctica is warmer if you compare it with the east Antarctica.  The difference is due to the different elevation. The west Antarctica is lower compared to the east Antarctica.

Facts about Antarctica’s Climate 8: The Antarctic Peninsula

The most moderate climate in the continent is felt in the Antarctica peninsula. You can feel the higher temperature along the coast in January.

Antarctica's Climate Picture

Antarctica’s Climate Picture

Facts about Antarctica’s Climate 9: the precipitation

As I have stated before, Antarctica is included as a desert because it only has small amount of precipitation each year. In average, it has 6.5 inches of precipitation each year. Actually the rate of the precipitation is varied depending on the location. In the high interior, it only receives 2 inches or 50 mm of precipitation. Get facts about Antarctica here.

Facts about Antarctica’s Climate 10: the air

Let’s decide the air in Antarctica. It is very dry and cold. The people who live in Antarctica for the research always face the similar problems of cracked lips and dry skin. You can experience frost bite too.

Facts about Antarctica's Climate

Facts about Antarctica’s Climate

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