10 Facts about Anthony Horowitz

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Facts about Anthony Horowitz present the interesting idea about famous the writer in the world. He was born in Middlesex, England on 5 April 1955. When he was a child, he loved to read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and Dracula by Bram Stoker. He also loved to tell stories to his friends. Therefore, he realized that he wanted to become a writer since he was 8 years old. Here are other facts about Anthony Horowitz for you:

Facts about Anthony Horowitz 1: the first book

The first book by Anthony Horowitz is The Sinister Secret of Frederick K Bowe. It was published in 1979.

Facts about Anthony Horowitz 2: Alex Rider

Horowitz got the critical acclaim from the readers and critics after he published Alex Rider. This book is very popular in the world.  The first series of the book was published in 2000. The title was Stormbreaker. It was adapted into a movie. But the movie was not a huge success. Until this present day, there are at least nine books of Alex Rider have been published.

Anthony Horowitz Facts

Anthony Horowitz Facts

Facts about Anthony Horowitz 3: the script for TV

Horowitz not only makes novels, but he also creates script for TV. He created the adaptation of Hercule Poirot stories of Agatha Christie in 1990. He also wrote Robin of Sherwood in 1980s. Foyle’s War was written by Horowitz too.

Facts about Anthony Horowitz 4: writing the fiction

Horowitz shares his tips for those who want to write the fiction well. He believes that we should read more, write more and believe in ourselves.

Facts about Anthony Horowitz

Facts about Anthony Horowitz

Facts about Anthony Horowitz 5: Mindgame

Mindgame was published in 2001. It was one of his adult novels. In 2008, it was adapted in stage play.

Facts about Anthony Horowitz 6: his favorite book

Can you tell me the favorite book of Horowitz besides Dracula and Frankenstein? It is Great expectation by Charles Dickens. Get facts about Anthony Browne here.

Anthony Horowitz Writer

Anthony Horowitz Writer

Facts about Anthony Horowitz 7: classical music

Do you know that Horowitz was a fan of classical music? He loves to listen to music of Mozart, Benjamin Britten and Chopin.

Facts about Anthony Horowitz 8: other works

Other works of Anthony Horowitz include The Power of Five series, The Diamond Brothers series, Moriarty (2014), The House of Silk (2011), and many more.

Anthony Horowitz Books

Anthony Horowitz Books

Facts about Anthony Horowitz 9: Groosham Grange

Groosham Grange makes him earn 1989 Lancashire Children’s Book of the Year Award. It was published in 1988. Get facts about Anh Do here.

Facts about Anthony Horowitz 10: Alex Rider books

The other Alex Rider books include Stormbreaker (2000), Point Blanc (2001), Skeleton Key (2002), Eagle Strike (2003), Scorpia (2004) Ark Angel (2005), Snakehead (2007), Crocodile Tears (2009), Scorpia Rising (2011), and Russian Roulette (2013).

Anthony Horowitz Image

Anthony Horowitz Image

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