10 Facts about Anthrax

Sunday, March 1st 2015. | Medical

If you concern with the meat that you consume every day, I suggest you to read Facts about Anthrax. The bacterium Bacillus anthracis is the main cause of this acute infectious disease. You have to be careful since this disease can lead into death if it is not handled and properly cared. Here are other facts about Anthrax for you:

Facts about Anthrax 1: the types of anthrax infections

Can you mention the types of anthrax infection? It is divided based on the way the bacteria affected the body. There are three types of infections. Those are the gastrointestinal infecting through digestion, inhalation which infects the body through the lungs, and cutaneous which infects the body through the skin. The most deadly one is the infection through the lung.

Facts about Anthrax 2: the fourth type

The scientists find out the fourth type of anthrax infection. It is called infection anthrax. The infection can be seen in the heroin injecting users in northern Europe. But now it can be found in United States.

Anthrax Disease

Anthrax Disease

Facts about Anthrax 3: infection

The contact with the infected animals, handling products with the infected animals and breathing the anthrax spores can lead into anthrax infection.   You have to be careful when eating undercooked meat from the infected animals since it can affect the body.

Facts about Anthrax 4: a biological weapon

Anthrax emerged as the biological weapon during the world war I. Over the years, it has been one of the main causes of the plagues which make livestock and human die.

Facts about Anthrax

Facts about Anthrax

Facts about Anthrax 5: CDC

Anthrax is one of the most dangerous infections since it can spread quickly. Therefore, it is placed in Category A agent by CDC. Get facts about allergies here.

Facts about Anthrax 6: the Anthrax attack in the fall of 2001

In the fall of 2001, people were socked with the anthrax attack. There were 17 people sickened and 5 people died during the incident. This condition was called Amerithrax at that time.

Anthrax Infection

Anthrax Infection

Facts about Anthrax 7: anonymous letters

There were anonymous letters sent to a congressional office building in Washington and news agencies in New York and Florida to spread the anthrax. The letters contained the bacteria.

Facts about Anthrax 8: the dead people

The dead people were five persons. Two of them were the postal workers who died because of inhalation of Anthrax.

Anthrax Facts

Anthrax Facts

Facts about Anthrax 9: the other three victims

The other three victims during the incident were an employee at a Florida tabloid magazine, a Manhattan hospital worker and an elderly woman from rural Connecticut. Get facts about anorexia nervosa here.

Facts about Anthrax 10: antibiotics

To avoid the possible infection of Anthrax, there were 32,000 people took antibiotics.



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