10 Facts about Anthropology

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Facts about Anthropology talk about the study of human in the present or in the past. By studying anthropology, you will know the humanities, social sciences and life sciences. This subject was differentiated from other social sciences since it takes the emphasis on the long term in depth examination from the context and cross cultural comparisons.  The two people who affected the cultural anthropology in US and social anthropology in Great Britain were the Franz Boas and Bronislaw Malinowski. Here are other facts about Anthropology for you:

Facts about Anthropology 1: the division of Anthropology in United States

There are four divisions of anthropology in United States. They include anthropological linguistics, biological or physical anthropology, archaeology and social, cultural, or sociocultural anthropology.  The people will perform different techniques and methodologies to study the field.

Facts about Anthropology 2: the early anthropology

The study of anthropology is not only conducted by the modern people. It was originated from the Classical Greece and Persia. These people tried to understand the differences of culture.

Anthropology Facts

Anthropology Facts

Facts about Anthropology 3: Archaeology

Archaeology is focused on the study of pastime of human through the left material. The evidence of their past time can be seen on the faunal remains, artifacts and human altered landscape.

Facts about Anthropology 4: Linguistic anthropology

If you want to study about the verbal and non verbal communication of human being, you need to learn linguistic anthropology. It involves with the languages across the space and time. It also has something to do with culture and language. Get facts about Alfred Russel Wallace here.

Anthropology Study

Anthropology Study

Facts about Anthropology 5: Ethnomusicology

Anthropology also studies about music which has the impact on the cognitive, material, social, cultural and biological context of human being.

Facts about Anthropology 6: Economic anthropology

If you study the economic anthropology, you will focus on the human economic behavior. It will be linked with the human’s culture, geography and history.

Anthropology Pictures

Anthropology Pictures

Facts about Anthropology 7: economics

If you decide to focus on the economic anthropology, you need to learn about economics discipline. It is related each other.

Facts about Anthropology 8: Anthropology Kinship

The anthropology which talks about the pattern of social relationship in human culture is explained in Anthropology kinship.

Anthropology Pic

Anthropology Pic

Facts about Anthropology 9: Medical anthropology

Anthropology can be associated with medics too. You will know the health care system, human health and disease and biocultural adaptation in this field. Get facts about animal cloning here.

Facts about Anthropology 10: Psychological anthropology

The interaction of mental and cultural process is focused on Psychological anthropology.

Facts about Anthropology

Facts about Anthropology

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