10 Facts about Anthropometry

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Facts about Anthropometry talk about the measurement of human individual. The people who are interested to study about the physical variation of human being in the past and present should learn more about Anthropometry. It is an early tool used by the people to relate the physical variation with psychological and racial traits. Find out more facts about anthropometry below:

Facts about Anthropometry 1: the systematic measurement

The study of Anthropometry focuses on the systematic measurement of human body. It can be on the body’s shape, size and structure.

Facts about Anthropometry 2: the importance

Is it very important to study Anthropometry? If you think that finding the human body size and shapes are not important, you are wrong. This study is very helpful for those who work in ergonomics, clothing design, architecture and industrial design.

Anthropometry Application

Anthropometry Application

Facts about Anthropometry 3: the changes of the body shape and size

The body shape and size of human being change from time to time. It is affected by the ethnic composition, nutrition and lifestyle. Therefore, people need a regular updated data about the body dimension. Find out facts about anthropology here.

Facts about Anthropometry 4: the various concepts

Anthropometry involves with different kinds of concepts such as biological anthropology, craniometry, criminology, human origins, phylogeography, forensics and many more.

Anthropometry Facts

Anthropometry Facts

Facts about Anthropometry 5: Human height

The height of human being is different among the individuals in a certain population. It is affected by different factors such as environmental, genetic and biological factors.

Facts about Anthropometry 6: the specific genes

The specific genes in human beings can lead into exceptional height variation. Sometimes, the people can see the dwarfism or gigantism. This condition is caused by the specific genes or abnormalities.

Anthropometry History

Anthropometry History

Facts about Anthropometry 7: the human weight

The human weight is subject for discussion in Anthropometry. The weight of human being is various. The extreme example is seen on Lucia Zarate. She has the weight at 2.1 kilogram or 4.7 pounds.

Facts about Anthropometry 8: Jon Bower

Another extreme case is seen on Jon Bower. He had the weight at 640 kilogram or 1,400 pounds.

Anthropometry Pic

Anthropometry Pic

Facts about Anthropometry 9: the brain size

The brain size also varies among the individuals. In average, adults have around 974.9 cm3 to 1,498.1 cm3.

Facts about Anthropometry 10: the stomach

Let’s find out the stomach’s size of human being.  A certain study finds out that human being has the stomach around 32 cu in to 93.7 cu in.

Facts about Anthropometry

Facts about Anthropometry

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