10 Facts about Anti Bullying

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Facts about Anti Bullying tell you that bullying is one of the bad acts in the world. People need a social change to reduce bullying. Most victims of bullying are the students.  Each year, there are more than 3.2 million students who become the victims of bullying act. Find out more facts about anti bullying below:

Facts about Anti Bullying 1: the school years

The school years can be a bad time for the students when they have to face bullying from others. The recent report finds out that more than 50 percent of all children are bullied some time when they are at school. The ones who are bullied regularly are more than 10 percent.

Facts about Anti Bullying 2: the causes of bullying

Most cases of bullying are due to the physical appearance. To combat the bullying from others, many young children decide to have plastic surgery to fix the appearance.

Anti Bullying Pic

Anti Bullying Pic

Facts about Anti Bullying 3: allergy

Do you know that allergy has something to do with bullying?  The children who have allergies are often bullied at school. These allergic children have to experience the physical and verbal abuses. The physical one can be seen when other children throw the allergen at them. Get facts about allergies here.

Facts about Anti Bullying 4: the group

There are differences when the boys and girls bully others.  The girls tend to bully others because of the social status while the boys bully others based on the group.

Facts about Anti Bullying

Facts about Anti Bullying

Facts about Anti Bullying 5: the risk of being bullied

The children have bigger risk of being bullied by others if they have disability, parents over control, illness, high level of anxiety, agrophobia, social phobia, and passivity.

Facts about Anti Bullying 6: the anti bullying organization

Due to the increase number of bullying cases in the world, there is no need to wonder that there are many anti bullying organizations that encourage the people to stop bullying at school and neighborhood.

Anti Bullying

Anti Bullying

Facts about Anti Bullying 7: the effect of bullying

The effect of bullying is also concerned by the anti bullying organizations. They also focus on how to reduce the negative effect of bullying such as the great neuroticism, pathological perfection, stress, depression and low self esteem. Get facts about alcohol abuse here.

Facts about Anti Bullying 8: the teachers

The role of the teachers is very important to reduce the bullying at school. The report states that the teachers only intervene one in 25 bullying incidents.

Anti Bullying Zone

Anti Bullying Zone

Facts about Anti Bullying 9: a crime

Bullying can be included as a crime if you check it based on the harassment, civil and criminal laws.

Facts about Anti Bullying 10: the school district

The federal, state and local laws are violated if the school districts do not care with the anti bullying act.

Anti Bullying Sign

Anti Bullying Sign

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