10 Facts about Anti-Federalists

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Find out Facts about Anti-Federalists by reading the following post below.  The people rejected the creation of United States federal government. The ratification of the constitution in 1788 was opposed by the anti federalists too. Articles of Confederation were the previous constitution. The state governments got more authority.

Facts about Anti-Federalists 1: Patrick Henry of Virginia

Patrick Henry of Virginia was the leader of the anti federalist movement.  They were against the federalism because they worried that the position of the president would evolve into a monarchy.

Facts about Anti-Federalists 2: American Anti-Federalist thought

If you are interested to know the thought of the American Anti-Federalists, you can check out a book with the title “The Anti-Federalist Papers”.

Anti-Federalist Articles

Anti-Federalist Articles

Facts about Anti-Federalists 3: the term federal

The term federal is always associated with the person who gave their support to the government and colonial union created under the Articles of Confederation. It was the definition in the mind of the people who lived during the American Revolution and its aftermath.

Facts about Anti-Federalists 4: the weak government

The people at that time thought that the government proposed under the articles was too weak. Therefore, they wanted to change the government. They applied the term anti federalist.



Facts about Anti-Federalists 5: the differences

People had different point of view about the government. Some of them thought that the government created under the Articles of Confederation was very weak. They believed that the national government under the constitution would be very strong. Get facts about American Independence day here.

Facts about Anti-Federalists 6: the articles of the opposition

There were various people who wrote articles about their opposition to the federal government. They did not use the real names, but they used the pseudonyms such as Federal Farmer, Centinel or even Brutus.

Anti-Federalists People

Anti-Federalists People

Facts about Anti-Federalists 7: Patrick Henry and his view

The famous man who came out publicity against the constitution was Patrick Henry. He believed that the Federalist were the threat to the right of the people. He also had the fear that the federalist would turn the president as a king. Get facts about American History here.

Facts about Anti-Federalists 8: Individualism

The main reason for the anti federalists to reject the government was due to the individualism. It is included as the strongest elements of opposition.

Facts about Anti-Federalists

Facts about Anti-Federalists

Facts about Anti-Federalists 9: Judge William West

Judge William West was the leader of the anti federalist of County Party. He led March to oppose the constitution in Rhode Island on 4th July 1788.

Facts about Anti-Federalists 10: the famous anti federalist

The famous anti federalists included Samuel Adams, Richard Henry, James Monroe and Robert Yates.

Anti-Federalist Pic

Anti-Federalist Pic

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