10 Facts about Anti Smoking

Thursday, March 5th 2015. | Health

Facts about Anti Smoking talk about the movement to encourage the people not to smoke cigarette. You have to concern with the health. There are many negative effect caused by smoking cigarettes such as the impotence, heart problem, and lung cancer. The passive smokers should be careful with the health too. Even though these people do not smoke, their respiratory system is affected when they inhale the smokes of the smokers. Here are other facts about anti smoking:

Facts about Anti Smoking 1: tobacco control

To reduce the smoking effect, the tobacco control is applied in some countries.  It is used to control the growth of tobacco. But it is often viewed positively and negatively.

Facts about Anti Smoking 2: the restriction

In 1723, smoking was forbidden in Berlin. In 1742 and 1744, it was forbidden in Königsberg and Stettin.

Anti Smoking Image

Anti Smoking Image

Facts about Anti Smoking 3: the public policies

In some countries, the smoke free laws or smoking bans are included as public policies.  This law prohibits the tobacco smoking in public spaces and workplaces.

Facts about Anti Smoking 4: the function of the smoking ban

The smoking ban is beneficial for the people to avoid the second hand smoke effects. The risk of having diseases such as emphysema, cancer and heart disease are decreased for the passive smokers.

Anti Smoking Facts

Anti Smoking Facts

Facts about Anti Smoking 5: the benefits of anti smoking

The anti smoking ban is used to decrease the demand of tobacco in the world. Therefore, the people can enjoy a better health. The report states that it can reduce 10 percent of premature births. Get facts about alcohol and drugs here.

Facts about Anti Smoking 6: the rate of smoking after smoking bans

After the anti smoking ban was conducted, the sales of cigarettes were increased in Scotland and Ireland. This report was different in Ireland. It is stated that the sales of cigarettes were decreased by 16 percent after the ban was implemented in the country.

Facts about Anti Smoking

Facts about Anti Smoking

Facts about Anti Smoking 7: UK

During July 2007, the sales of cigarettes in United Kingdom decreased by 11 percent.  That’s the first month after the smoking ban was implemented in the world.

Facts about Anti Smoking 8: encourage the smokers to quit

The smoking restriction in the workplace makes it easier for the workers to quit smoking. After the smoking ban was implemented in United Kingdom, the survey found out that 22 percent of the smokers in the country decided to quit smoking.

Anti Smoking

Anti Smoking

Facts about Anti Smoking 9: the restaurant smoking restriction

The restriction of smoking can be seen not only in the workplace, but also in the restaurant. It can stop the young teenagers to become a habitual smoker. Get facts about air quality here.

Facts about Anti Smoking 10: Japan

If you are in Japan, there are some streets which forbid people to smoke.

Anti Smoking Sign

Anti Smoking Sign

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