10 Facts about Antibiotics

Monday, March 2nd 2015. | Medical

Facts about Antibiotics tell you about the important medicine in the world used to cure the sick people. There are many infectious disease can be cured using antibiotics. There are more than 150 different antibiotics in the world developed by scientists. It was inspired by the discovery of penicillin in 1940s. Find out more facts about antibiotics by reading the following post below:

Facts about Antibiotics 1: the second most used drug

The ability of antibiotics to cure the infectious disease is miraculous and wonderful. There is no need to wonder that it takes the second position of the second most used drug in the world. The first one was simple analgesics.

Facts about Antibiotics 2: multiplying bacteria

Most antibiotics developed by the scientists today work well on the multiplying bacteria. The effectiveness of the antibiotics to fight against the non replicating bacteria is still low.

Antibiotics Drug

Antibiotics Drug

Facts about Antibiotics 3: the good or bad bacteria

The good and bad bacteria cannot be differentiated by the antibiotics.   The bad bacteria make human being sick, while the good bacteria are helpful to maintain the health of the body. When using the antibiotics, the good bacteria can be prone to damage.

Facts about Antibiotics 4: bacteria

Do you know that bacteria can produce antibiotics?  They can damage or kill the competitors by producing antibiotics.

Antibiotics Facts

Antibiotics Facts

Facts about Antibiotics 5: the prescribed antibiotics

If you want to take the antibiotics safely, ensure that you can get the prescribed one by the doctor. When you take it, you have to consume it regularly even though your health gets better.

Facts about Antibiotics 6: the proper dosage

It is very important for the people to take the antibiotics in proper dosage. The treatment for the infectious disease will not be effective if the intake of the antibiotics is improper.

Antibiotics Image

Antibiotics Image

Facts about Antibiotics 7: the report of CDC

CDC or Centers of Disease Control and Prevention report that more than 18 million courses of antibiotics are prescribed by the doctors to cure the common cold in US annually. Actually many people believe that the cold is caused by viruses. Actually it is caused by bacteria.

Facts about Antibiotics 8: the viral respiratory infection

Do you know that there are around 50 million needless antibiotics prescribed to cure the viral respiratory infection?



Facts about Antibiotics 9: green tea

If you want to increase the effectiveness of the antibiotics, you can drink green tea. Get facts about alternative medicine here.

Facts about Antibiotics 10: immune system development

Sometimes, the immune development system is affected by the consumption of antibiotics in children.

Facts about Antibiotics

Facts about Antibiotics

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