10 Facts about Antibodies

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If you want to know the tiny proteins used by the body to fight against the vulnerable germs, you need to check out Facts about Antibodies. Phagocytes are the antibodies of the white blood cells. The white blood cell is derived from B lymphocytes to generate the antibodies. Find out more facts about antibodies by reading the following post below:

Facts about Antibodies 1: the B-cell in the blood

You can find many kinds of B-cells in the blood. Each B-cell will produce the antibody used to defend the body from a certain germ.

Facts about Antibodies 2: when the body is attacked by a germ

When our body is attacked by a germ, the B-cells will release the proper antibody to fight against it.

Antibodies Facts

Antibodies Facts

Facts about Antibodies 3: the foreign protein

The foreign protein is called the antigen.  When the antigen is detected, the immune system will recognize it as the invader.

Facts about Antibodies 4: hayfever

Hayfever is one type of allergies caused by the pollen from the plants. This condition occurs because the immune system of the body identifies it as an invader. Therefore, the harmless pollen grains are fought by the antibodies of the immune system. Check out a dangerous disease in anthrax facts.

Antibodies Image

Antibodies Image

Facts about Antibodies 5: the antigens

The antigens can be found inside the viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. When the body detects antigens, the B-cells will automatically produce the antibodies.

Facts about Antibodies 6: the innate immunity

Human being has the innate immunity. It means that since the birth of human being, the body has been equipped with antibodies to fight the germs that the body has never met before.

Antibodies Pic

Antibodies Pic

Facts about Antibodies 7: acquired immunity

The acquired immunity occurs when the body has to fight against a germ, but it has no antibody for this germ. Then the body will create the antibody for this germ. When the germ invades again in the future, the memory cells will activate this antibody again.

Facts about Antibodies 8: chickenpox

Since you have acquired immunity, you only have to suffer from chickenpox once in your life time.

Antibodies Pictures

Antibodies Pictures

Facts about Antibodies 9: allergies

Allergies are the common condition faced by the people in the world. It can be caused by the weather, dust, animal feathers and pollen of plants. When too many antibodies are produced inside body, the allergies often occur. Get facts about allergies here.

Facts about Antibodies 10: the immune system

When the body has immune system, it can protect the body from infection and disease.

facts about Antibodies

facts about Antibodies

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