10 Facts about Antidepressants

Tuesday, March 3rd 2015. | Medical

If you want to treat the depression, you have to check out Facts about Antidepressants. Antidepressant is very important for the person who has depression. There are several serious medical conditions faced by the people with untreated depression such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problem. The best treatment for depression is by having therapies and medication. Check out more facts about antidepressant below:

Facts about Antidepressants 1: what is an antidepressant?

Can you define the antidepressant?  It is a drug used by the people to treat depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety.

Facts about Antidepressants 2: the prescribed medication

If you have depression, you have to get the medication prescribed by the doctor. Don’t use a non-recommended drug. Do you know that antidepressant is one of the widely prescribed medications? There are more than 20 million people consume the drug.

Antidepressant Drugs

Antidepressant Drugs

Facts about Antidepressants 3: how does it work?

Before you realize the way the antidepressant works, you need to know the cause of the depression. Many scientists believe that this condition is caused by the low level of neurotransmitters. Therefore, the antidepressant works by enhancing the level of neurotransmitter.

Facts about Antidepressants 4: the effects of antidepressant

The effect of antidepressant to the individual is various. The physician will prescribe you with the right antidepressant based on potential side effects and symptoms.

Antidepressant Pills

Antidepressant Pills

Facts about Antidepressants 5: the side effects

When taking the medication, the negative side effects are always possible. The side effects occur because the body adjusts it.

Facts about Antidepressants 6: how to reduce the side effects?

If the side effects are too strong and you cannot handle them, you can ask the doctor to change the antidepressant or change the administration time.

Antidepressants Facts

Antidepressants Facts

Facts about Antidepressants 7: the suicidal thought

Even though the depression is treated with antidepressant, the risk of having suicidal thought is still high. Therefore, you have to closely monitor the patients.

Facts about Antidepressants 8: alcohol

Stop drinking alcohol if you decide to take the antidepressant. The benefits of antidepressant will be decreased if you consume alcohol.



Facts about Antidepressants 9: patience

The positive effect of the antidepressant will take some weeks or even months to work well. Therefore, you have to be patient.  At the end, you can enjoy a happier life. Find out another drug in facts about antibiotics.

Facts about Antidepressants 10: withdrawal symptoms

If you take this antidepressant and stop using the drug abruptly, it can make you experience withdrawal symptoms.  You can feel dizziness, vomiting, fatigue, diarrhea, chills and nausea.

Facts about Antidepressants

Facts about Antidepressants

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