10 Facts about Antietam

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Facts about Antietam talk about one of the most important battles during the civil war. Many people call it the battle of Antietam. It was the battle between the confederacy and union on 17th September 1862. The location of this battle was at Sharpsburg, Maryland. Get more facts about the battle of Antietam by reading the following post below:

Facts about Antietam 1: who was the leader?

General George B. McClellan was the leader of the Northern forces. General Robert E. Lee was the leader of the Southern forces.

Facts about Antietam 2: the offensive time

The confederate army led by General Robert E. Lee was offensive way to beat the northern forces. At first, his army always played the defensive way by having the war in the Southern area. He had the courage to play the offensive war after the victory of the Second Battle of Bull Run.



Facts about Antietam 3: entering the state of Maryland

The confederate army arrived in Maryland on 3 September 1862. They wanted to fight the northern forces on the Pennsylvania. This war was very important to Confederate president Jefferson Davis and General Lee.  They wished that Great Britain and France will recognize the confederacy as a nation if they could win the battle.

Facts about Antietam 4: how was the battle occurred?

The battle of Antietam was on 17 September 1862. It began when the Confederate army was attacked the Union army of General Joseph on the left flank.

Antietam US

Antietam US

Facts about Antietam 5: the bloodiest war

The Battle of Antietam is one of the bloodiest wars in the American history. Robert E. Lee had all members of his army to commit on the battle and defeat the Union army. General McClellan was very smart since he did not use all of his soldiers.

Facts about Antietam 6: retreat

General Lee decided to retreat on 18th. Thus, the confederate army returned to Virginia and left Maryland.

Facts about Antietam

Facts about Antietam

Facts about Antietam 7: the military point of view

Who was the winner in the battle of Antietam? If you check it based on the military point of view, both were the winners. However, the claim of victory was conducted by the North after they could make the confederate army retreat from Maryland.

Facts about Antietam 8: Emancipation Proclamation

This victory resulted Abraham Lincoln to announce the Emancipation Proclamation.  It gave the slaves a freedom. Take a look at Slavery facts here.

Antietam Pic

Antietam Pic

Facts about Antietam 9: the killed and wounded soldiers

There were 17,000 wounded soldiers and 3,500 killed soldiers during the war. Get more facts about American Civil War here.

Facts about Antietam 10: The number of the soldiers

During the battle of Antietam, the confederates had 38,000 soldiers, while the union had 87,000 soldiers.

Antietam Image

Antietam Image

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