10 Facts about Antimony

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Let me show you the atomic number of 51 in Facts about Antimony. It means that the nucleus contains 51 protons.  Antimony is symbolized in Sb. It is a semi metallic element with brittle texture and bluish white color. During the ancient Egyptian time, it was used as an eyeliner or kohl. Find out more interesting facts about antimony by reading the following post below:

Facts about Antimony 1: the ancient time

Antimony had been used by the people since the ancient time not only in Egypt but also in Caldea Iraq. The usage of antimony in Chaldea was dated back in 3000 BC.

Facts about Antimony 2: Vannoccio Biringuccio

Vannoccio Biringuccio was the first person who published the report on how to isolate antimony. He published this report in 1540.

Antimony Element

Antimony Element

Facts about Antimony 3: Agricola

In 1556, Agricola made his description about Antimony. People were mistaken when they referred him as the person who discovered antimony.

Facts about Antimony 4: stibium

The atomic symbol of antimony in the periodic table is Sb. It was derived from the world stibium. The name was given by Jons Jakob Berzelius. He called it stibium due to the toxic feature on this element. It was often studied by the monks. Sitbium means monk killer.

Antimony facts

Antimony facts

Facts about Antimony 5: reaction

Antimony can react with oxygen when you heat this element. If you save it inside the normal room temperature, antimony is relatively stable.

Facts about Antimony 6: allotropes

Let’s find out the number of allotropes that antimony has. It has four allotropes.  The three of them are metastable, while one of them is stable. One of the three metastable allotropes of antimony can generate the white fumes if you scratch it using a metal object. It is included as explosive antimony. Find out another element in alloy facts.

Antimony Image

Antimony Image

Facts about Antimony 7: the isotopes

There are 35 radioactive isotopes that antimony has.  The stable isotopes are only two.  The longest half life of the isotope is only 2.75 years.

Facts about Antimony 8: is it a good conductor

Antimony is not a good conductor for electricity and heat for it is included in the metalloid element.

Antimony Pic

Antimony Pic

Facts about Antimony 9: the sources

It is not easy to find antimony because it is a rare element on earth. You can only find around 0.2 to 0.5 part per million of antimony on earth’s crust. Learn facts about alkenes here.

Facts about Antimony 10: usage of antimony

Antimony is used to create the infrared detectors and diodes. It is also used to make glass, paint, ceramic, pottery, low friction metals, batteries and tracer bullet.

Facts about Antimony

Facts about Antimony

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